Why are people fighting over gay marriage when we have bigger problems such as rape and murder to worry about?

i have always wondered this, and haven't found answers yet

why is gay marriage such a big issue in our country when there are much bigger issues to worry about these days

Also what is your view on it,

Please don't criticize others answers just because you don't like what they say, just answer it yourself too


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  • We were talking about this in a class. And I'm like you, there's bigger things to worry about but there are some pretty interesting issues about same sex marriages, like with adopting children and what happens if one passes, things like that. There some confusion with that and how it gets processed legally because of how different states laws are set up. I think the best candidate should get the position in that case, but it's not always that simple. And bush made that marriage proposal in the latter years of his terms that focused on the "traditional marriage" and caused a big stink in california about same sex marriages. So that sparked some debate, too.


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  • Lol. What the hell is wrong with you? Gay marriage and murder and rape are completely different things. Gay marriage is a matter of equality, and rape and murder are just rape and murder. I have no idea what the hell you're trying to say, but you sound like a complete idiot.

    • I'm trying to say that it's idiotic to worry about gay marraige when people are being raped and murdered, and a lot of the time not a damn thing gets done about it, but people make a huge deal outta gays getting married, and protest over that why don't they protest about murders and rapists getting set free from jail.....And next if your going to be rude keep your opinion to yourself, I appreciate different opinions but not if your going to add on the rude parts

  • Some people feel its their fight. I take some offence since marriage is for a man and a women. I don’t hate gay people or anything like that. I just wonder why they want marriage when a devotional is the same thing for the most part. The human race will always have problems, when is the right time to address gay marriage?

    • I agree. Just because murder and rape are important issues, doesn't mean that they are THE ONLY issues.

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  • Because we've already fought rape and murder, they are both illegal, so we had to make gay marriage illegal too.

    • But why do you think it should be illegal

    • Religious reasons mostly, but even if it wasn't for that, I would want it to be illeagal still. It's not natural, it's not how god created us to be. That's why he made man and women.

  • I think if you were gay, you would think gay marriage would be a big issue to you. We all want to be treated as equal and share the same rights as all other citizens.

    This question is not relevant to issues such as murder and rape.