Do you think you need to get a gift if you're invited to a wedding?

Do you think you need to get a gift if you're invited to a Wedding? what do you think of not bringing a gift?


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  • I have always given a gift, mostly money, simply because I wouldn't dream of going to a wedding with my hands hanging


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  • Yes it would be better , it's just for support for the husband and wife , I had a wedding last Friday and I bought something for them


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  • I would not dream of showing up to a wedding without a gift. It's to help them out as they start a life. Why celebrate it without giving a little boost. How would you feel if it was your wedding and people showed up without gifts?

  • i brought a gift for a wedding I attended to 2 Saturdays ago and the mother of the bride got mad at me for not paying for my plate?! like wtffff and she told me ger daughter already has 2 coffee makers and she didn't need another one. wow! I couldn't believe my ears. her daughter had to get mad at her mother for insulting me. too much drama!

  • Yes, I think so.

    I would feel embarrassed if I didn't bring a gift, especially when this person is my friend.

  • sure you have to bring a gift! if you don't have money it can be something small, but you can't come with empty hands omg!

  • Never thought of it, but after reading the other responses, yeah I think it's better to buy a gift, but make sure to put your name on it or it will be a waste of money because the newlyweds won't know it was from you.

    Good luck.

  • i think its been made in to more than it is. if somebody is scraping by would you expect them to bring a gift? I wouldn't but it makes that person feel awkward...

    i don't really feel like if I were inviting someone under ~25 that I would expect them to bring something. its nice if they do but not required.

    • I disagree with that. How about offering to help them unpack or paint or something. That costs nothing yet would be very helpful.