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Guys: Would this be crossing a line or am I over thinking this?

I met a guy at school and we have a lot of things in common... pretty much everything. It's strange. He's a member of a group with one of our... Show More

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  • Depends, either the guy just likes you as a friend and invites you to the group cause of that or he is pretty stupid and doesn't care about wrecking his marriage.

    Either way, I would advise you ( as you wisely already mentioned yourself ) to not interfere with his relationship. Even if it should be that he is really into you and willing to ditch his wife for you, stay out of it. We men sometimes *slight understatement* think with our d***s and tend to forget about the rest. It is up to you girls to make the right decisions.

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  • Well he's married, so you may as well just interpret it as friendship.

  • Thats impossible. It sounds like he is doing psychological mirror if you have everything in common. Watch out. Let him have his group and you have yours. He's Married? Oh for petes sake. What in the heck are you doing?

    Go away.

    • See the girl below who said it's alright!? That's what all my girl friends say! I don't think it's right and they're telling me to go for it which is why I'm glad I've asked men here :)

      He actually isn't doing the psychological mirror. That's what sucks :s

      Thank you for your input and I won't be joining :)

  • Cant say guys here but me personally would not invite a chick anywhere unless I liked her. Pretty much wouldn't talk to one unless she was hot or I had to. He could be into you but his marriage is not your issue that's his just don't get crazy ideas about him leaving her for you won't happen.

  • Yes, I would & have asked potential classmates & friends & "sisters" to join OF COURSE!

    The rules that apply to you pulling this off and having the time of your life, while complementing their fun as well are very simple:

    1. You will become the very tight & loyal friend of his wife

    2. Any sexual innuendos are stiff armed in tandem with her, e.g. "it only sounds dirty to you"

    Now go have fun with your new friends/classmates/members - it will be a blast

  • If I like a girl and had a wife I wouldn't invite her to see me wife , but if I wanted her to be a friend of my wife ill invite her

  • Stop it and leave it alone

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  • well, I think your over thinking everything because you guys are friends so he wants to hang chill I think its pretty normal <3

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