Guys: Would this be crossing a line or am I over thinking this?

I met a guy at school and we have a lot of things in common... pretty much everything. It's strange.

He's a member of a group with one of our interests and he invited me to join it. I'd like to accept his offer but I'm not sure if it's crossing a boundary or if I'm just over thinking everything.

Based on events of the past I think he may have some type of feelings for me, and I kind of like him too. (He seemed to get a little upset when I talked to/about other guys, stood quite close to me all the time and one time we touched because of it, tells me I'm elegant and spent a lot more time with me than others when it probably should have been a bit more equal).

The only problem is he's married and his wife is also a part of that group. I wouldn't dream of coming between them and I don't see him cheating but would it be crossing a line to join that group or am I making something out of nothing?

Guys: If you liked a girl you probably wouldn't invite her to join something you did with your wife, right?


Most Helpful Guy

  • Depends, either the guy just likes you as a friend and invites you to the group cause of that or he is pretty stupid and doesn't care about wrecking his marriage.

    Either way, I would advise you ( as you wisely already mentioned yourself ) to not interfere with his relationship. Even if it should be that he is really into you and willing to ditch his wife for you, stay out of it. We men sometimes *slight understatement* think with our d***s and tend to forget about the rest. It is up to you girls to make the right decisions.