I was engaged to my dream guy but we had a big fight he broke it off. A month later he wants me back.

We got engaged, my family loved him and his family loved me. everything was perfect he was my dream guy and I was so happy. I almost felt like he was too good to be true. then we moved country and started having fights- about work, settling in, trust issues and so on. he went to my mom to talk about these issues and she lost her temper accusing him of using me- he always treated me well even in the midst of all the arguments we were having. but at the time I didn't stand up for him against my mom and say something. he got very hurt by this and broke it off shortly after that, saying that I didn't really love him, didn't try hard to make things wok and didn't stand by his side when he needed me. I told him we could work things out but he was adamant. now a month later everyone knows we broke off the engagement because he made it public. however now he wants me back and is doing everything he can to make it work. my family are against it and how do I know when the going gets tough he won't break up with me again? and this time he wants to get married so it's a serious decision. should I move on from what happened and take him back, or see it as a red flag and move on to someone else?

thanks for the advice everyone. I wish I had stood up for him- if feel like if I did this wouldn't have happened. guys I need your advice from a man's perspective- if your fiancee didn't stand up for you against her mother would you break of the engagement?


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  • It's comes down to you if you still want to spend your time with him, and perhaps the rest of your life. If you have fears or insecurities just being with him, then it's best if you move on.

    Distance and communication cut off made him realize how important you are to his life, and how he can't go on without you beside him.

    However, we're talking about your happiness and future here.

    Are you still willing to spend the rest of your life with him, even if trust issues, settling in , and work issues arise? It still returns to how your feelings about him are.


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  • Proceed with caution. I would say he is not sure and neither are you. (After all, he broke it off and you didn't defend him.) If you want to get back together, tell him it's NOT about getting married. It's about seeing whether a relationship can really work. Tell him it will be a long time before marriage is even a consideration. Otherwise I would say forget it.


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  • It's kinda strange that you started fighting a lot all of a sudden but I would take him back. If you guys were that good with each other, I'd try to make it work and fall back in love.