Looking for a nice "marriage proposal," any suggestions?

Hi everyone.

I am planning to make a proposal.

I want my girlfriend to never forget and always remember with good feelings.

What is your dream of getting a proposal?


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  • I suggest you let her propose to you. No matter how good the proposal is...it has no effect on the strength of the marriage.

    Since 8 out of 10 women file for divorce...and one out of 5 women admit they knew they weren't in love with their husband on their wedding day...maybe you should break away from the failing model which includes guys proposing to women...and see if she'll propose to you. Just a thought.


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What Girls Said 2

  • Talk to a close friend of hers (If you trust them to not tell) and ask what she always used to talk about when it comes to getting proposed to. Every girl has a different idea in her head, so try to find out hers.

  • Lots of candles and a beautiful proposal speech


What Guys Said 2

  • Do something specific to her interests and likes.

    And stop putting marriage proposal in quotes, it makes you seem like you're not taking it seriously.

  • well I don't have a dream of getting a proposal but the dream way for me would be unique, I would do her fav activity then after I would take a walk to the beach and in burning wood if the tide is out would be "will you marry me?" and I would then get on my knee and how her the ring