Do married women sometimes not wear their wedding/engagement ring?

I won't approach or flirt with a married woman, under any circumstance (nothing on earth is more sacred than marriage to me), so I stopped being interested in a beauty at work who I thought I saw some bling on that finger. Fast forward a couple months, we have new offices in closer proximity, and I see no ring on that finger (she also has no pics of a dude in her office for what that's worth). I don't know her at all, nor do my work friends, so I'm not sure how to break the ice in any way other than my flirty ways, but I don't want to hit on her even passively if she's married! What percent of married women don't always wear wedding rings? Is it a safe bet that I misread her finger bling and no ring means good to go? Dude friends of mine who are married sometimes don't wear their rings but for reasons like getting them caught in electronics, weights/sports equipment, etc. Why wouldn't a woman? Thanks peeps.


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  • there are a lot of married teachers in my school don't wear it. I don't know why. I asked a few, most take it off doing dishes or shower, or bathing kids, then forget to put back.

    most just don't really care to wear one when there are so much to do in the house. often only wear for special occasions.

    when I wore my ring, I had more guys flirting with me, maybe because they think it's safe.

    i only took off my engagement ring and always kept wedding band as it is like bulky

    now I am not wearing either, I don't' get anyone approaching lol

    • Hmm, so it sounds common to not wear the ring. Maybe I need to send a gal to do reconaissance on her, I can't risk opening on a married gal. Awkward, don't want to hurt a marriage, and don't want to go to hell. And maybe you should wear your ring again then! Though that might not attract the right kind of guys. Thanks for your answer.


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  • My mom never wears her wedding ring. Not because she isn't happy she's married, it's just because it doesn't fit anymore :P

    I don't think it would be a big deal if she wasn't wearing a ring and you hit on her. If she is happy in her marriage then it would be "ohh, sorry man I'm married". And then you could just be like, "oh sorry, didn't realize". It's not that big of a deal.

    I know it might seem like it is, but if she isn't wearing a ring or have any pictures on her desk, then how are you supposed to know?

    It could be that it doesn't fit, or she lost it, or it was stolen. Maybe she separated from him? It's hard to know without actually talking to her or finding out. But I wouldn't. It's best to just see how things go. If she isn't with anyone, then you are good to go :) Bring it up eventually. Just ask her if she is seeing anyone after you two have talked for a while.

  • There have been times when I haven't worn my engagement ring, but its only ever intentional when I'm at work, I don't want to lose it in an animal or destroy it with some chemical. I also take it off while showering, putting on moisturiser etc and sometimes forget to put it back on. I also don't have any pictures of my private life where I work

    • Okay, losing rings "in animals" and destroying with chemicals. Not going to ask what you do! She has a desk job so probably different reason if she is married. Thx for the answer.

  • Possibly to get it resized? Though I'd expect she'd have pictures around. Some women, myself included just wear rings on their left ring finger, with out it symbolizing marriage/engaged/boyfriend/purity/promise ring type.

    Some women also take their rings off for doing dishes,shower, having them cleaned etc

    Best wishes(:

    • Okay, I hope that is the case or that I mis-saw it. Thanks!

  • When they do the dishes or when they go to the beach. My mother was looking for her wedding ring into the pips of the sink lol. And I've lost a lot of rings in the sea.

    • True, and losing is a good reason too. Thanks for the answer.

  • I take mine off all the time and forget to put it back on... So yes there are women who do.


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  • Well, I guess they take it off sometimes, to avoid losing it, but some women do it just to flirt, because they wouldn't be (or just very little) approached while wearing the ring.

    • Definitely valid reason for the former if doing manual labor or showering, etc, or for the latter if she's at a club or something, but am assuming neither of these would apply to 8 hours behind a desk or in meetings during the day. Thx for the answer.

    • You are right, perhaps she feels old when wearing the ring, like "i'm engaged, I'm getting older" or just want others to know, in case she wanted to flirt. Anywhere.