Is emotional connection worse than physical?

I'm single and divorced trying to help my best friend who is a married woman with a very abusive past whose husband has talked her into having open relations with others to spice up their marriage. Instead it's strained it, and their marriage is on the rocks. Now she's kinda hooked on being with a couple of other guys.

She wants help out of this mess and to try to save her marriage (they have two babies) and has no one to turn to besides me. They tried counseling, but her husband doesn't wanna change. I've been trying to help her Because she's an emotional wreck, but we also got a little close emotionally, never physically.

Now she's suddenly cutting me out of her life, saying our emotional bond is worse Because the physical guys don't matter to her. I'm like, seriously?!? Even though the physical guys are making her feel hollow and empty and dirty, she's saying I'm worse?

Can that really be true, that our emotional bond is worse than the physical relations for her? Any suggestions on how I can get my friend back and help her?


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  • it isn't that it's worse it is that for a woman having strong emotional feelings for someone is WAY more meaningful and harder to deal with than the physical, it just means she's falling for you


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  • I believe that emotional connections are worse. Not saying physical is good or anything but I rather be physically cheated on then have my spouse have emotional feelings for someone else

  • Ya she feels like she's starting to have feelings for you. Emotional connection is what starts the physical for us a lot of times. If she wants to work it out with her jerk hubby than she's gonna need to focus on that and not falling for someone else. But there's not much you can do in the situation, just let her know that you are there for her I guess and step back.


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