What does this all really mean? Is he through with me?

My husband of 10 years hasn't shown any effort in trying to help fix our marriage, hasn't had sex with me in over a year, has been sleeping on the couch for the last 3 months, and drained our bank account and opened a new one in his name only, will not give me a dime for groceries or gas he has to pay for it and when I mentioned divorce he says "Whatever you want". Like he has given me a chose anyway. He will not discuss anything important with me. This sounds to me things are over but he doesn't want to be the one to say it. What is your thoughts? I don't love him anymore but feel we should discuss this and get closure on it, plus we have kids that will suffer from this too. It has to get discussed sooner or later don't you think? Thanks in advance.


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  • Sometimes you are better off letting a marriage go. I bet the kids sense that things are bad seeing Dad sleeping on the couch. You don't want them growing up thinking that is how a normal marriage is. Get an attorney. He will have to give you money. He sounds selfish. I would ask for the divorce since you do not love him anymore. I think you know the answer. You just need the nerve to go through with it. You can be strong. We all think we are so weak when actually this will make you a stronger woman for your kids. I would get out now.

  • Well maybe he has someone else but he doesn't want to say it ...get a divorce he's just pushing you away slowly if you don't love him let him go the last thing you want is be unhappy w/someone you don't love there's a lot fish in the sea ...give yourself time enjoy yourself have fun but in oder to do that you have to leave him you'll feel a lot better...