Best age to be married/engaged?

If you were to get married or be engaged right now, what age would you want to be?


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  • Whenever schooling is done and a career is set in place, you enjoy adult life on your own for a while, and then find that special person, date for a year or two, then go for it.

    So, the average age by my personal opinion of the "right time" would be the mid to late twenties.

    I really wouldn't be surprised if marriage came way later for me though; school comes first, and I'm not even sure about the institution sometimes (financially, socially, etc.). Though if I found the right guy, those wouldn't even be worries.

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  • engaged...23


    I want to find someone, (and for the longest I thought everything should be closer to 30) but I want to find someone and settle down early then start a career then a family.

    I don't think I want to slow down in my 30's to have children because it will be harder for my body to bounce back after birthing children and I don't think I would want to stop in my career then to have to raise a child.

  • I think marriage at 30/early 30's would be nice. Getting engaged would ideally be a year or so before the wedding date. I am enjoying my current relaxed, unattached status, though, and am not eagerly biting my nails for either to come... if it happens, it happens, and if not: I am not dependent on it, and am comfortable being by myself.

  • Meet the perfect guy at 24. Marry at 28. First baby at 29.

  • I was married at 22 and it was WAY TOO EARLY. I tell my children to graduate college, purchase your OWN home, and have a career THEN think marriage and babies! Be sefl sufficient FIRST

  • i used to say that 25 I had to be married by then...Now I think that engaged around 27, married at 28. First kid on the way by 31 or 32...

    but at this f***ing rate I think my reality will be 40 and no kids :(

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  • Engaged - 23

    Married - 25.

  • It depends on the person. When I was younger I used to say 24-26. I would probably revise it to 28-30 now.

    Some people just take longer to get established in live with their career and finances. Some people also just generally mature slower than others. Finally, everyone's relationships are different and some people grow emotionally at different stages.

    I've known people that were in their early to mid 20's who acted like they were 40 and would be completely able to get married. Their relationship was stable healthy, and the two of them were on a good path as far as their careers went. On the same token. I've known people who were 30yrs old who still acted like they weren't a day over 17. Having little career goals or financial stability, being completely immature, drinking and partying every night, and showing no sense of responsibility. Those people aren't ready to get married.

  • There's no real "age" which one could suggest it best to get married. I do think that there are a lot of things that factor into that decision. I would be inclined to believe that once you have completed your academic career and became somewhat established in your career, stable financially, are truly in love and ready to commit to this one person, and only that one person then that would be the best "time" to consider marriage.

    In regard to "age" the age someone is before all those things have taken place differs between individuals. Some would suggest mid to late 20's but for others it may be as far as mid to late 30's before they are ready for marriage.

    Basically, that would most likely be dependent on what age you are when you have accomplished everything in regard to establishing your own life and creating the stability required to help sustain your own life before you make a commitment that would require you to be able to sustain others such as the life of a spouse and perhaps children which could subsequently follow.

  • I think the best age to find the "one" is 30, marriage at 32, kids at 34...lots of kids. I would want to be settled in life before I decide to search for the girl I want to marry. Plus it'll give me time to really know what I want in a lifetime partner.

  • Magic numbers for marriage are bullsh*t. They just place pressure on young people to accelerate their life into misery and unhappiness. It's no wonder divorce rates are so high worldwide.

    Some people take longer to find that special someone than others. If you find someone you love and get married early on, and you're happy with that decision, great. But there is no reason to rush yourself into marriage by a certain time. Because you could wind up in a bad unhealthy marriage or you could reach that age single and wind up depressed that you didn't achieve your sily little goals.

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