What do you think about inter-religious marriage?

Hi dear friends. I joined to this site and coming my first question...

What do you think about inter-religious marriage? So would you like to marry with a person who believe to other religion ? Is this a problem?

thank you for your answers :)


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  • It depends on the people involved. I'm Jewish and I married a Gentile. Before we had a child, we discussed how we planned to raise her in terms of religious instruction. We agreed, and when we had our child we both stuck to the agreement. My husband never tried to convert me, and I never tried to convert him. He didn't think I was wrong, I didn't think he was wrong- religion was a non-issue for us. When we divorced it had NOTHING to do with religious differences, and he has continued to respect my faith and that of our child.


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  • I made the decision a while ago to only date Christian boys. If he's Catholic or Lutheran or anything, that's fine, as long as he believes in the same God as I do.

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  • Only if you or the other person makes it into a problem.

    If either party is easily influenced by other people's opinions, that could cause issues as well.