Ex fiance mind games please help

Me and my fiancé were so great before our engagement and once he gave me the ring everything changed. He had been married before and always used a crutch saying he has insecurities because of it but never seemed to want to get help. He is Cuban. After engagement he started coming home late, treating me different and becoming emotionally distant. Then his father died and I basically emotionally freaked out , I thought because of his death I would lose my love all together so I reacted terribly and wasn't there for him like I should have been, and he can't forgive me. I had so much anger and hurt from all his lies and cheating , he also gave me a fake engagement ring.. We decided I'd move out and things got worse he got so distant we barely talked and found out he was on a dating site looking for and dating other women along telling me he loves me and misses us.. So I moved back in and we said we would try again but the right way goto counseling, but the 5days I was back everything seemed to be getting better but the 6th day I had to come to NYC for a day , he told me he thinks he doesn't love me the same and he doesn't want to try. I think there is another girl but I don't know what to do ...


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  • Likely to be another girl.

    I hope that is the right decision to make


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  • leave him,after all the crap he did to u,he needs to go,u deserve way better