Anyone still believes in this?

I'm just wondering how many people on here still believe

-In God,

-In sex until marriage or at least only in serious relationships that are going towards marriage.

-That Girls should dress modestly,

-That people should be more family oriented, taking care of their spouse and children.

You don't have to do those things to believe in them, we all make mistakes, I just want to know how many actually believe that's the right mentality to go with.


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  • --I believe in God

    --I believe people need to do what's right for them regarding sex. Most people, when following their conscience, would prefer to keep sex at least for people and times that mean something. I know mistakes happen though, and I'm also hugely against hypocrisy. So I believe that until men feel as strongly about waiting for sex, women don't have to force themselves to wait if they don't want to.

    --Girls can dress how they want. Certain ways of dressing make you look tacky to be sure, but again, it's a double standard.

    --I think if people choose to have a family, they should be family oriented.

    • I totally agree with the point that there shouldn't be any difference between men and women when it comes to waiting for sex until marriage, too bad most men who would want a woman to keep herself until marriage do not do the same themselves.

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    • I respect that, for me personally, I would marry a girl if she isn't virgin if she lost it in circumstances she isn't happy about. We all make mistakes. I just wouldn't marry a girl who doesn't even believe that was a mistake.

      Can I ask where are you from?

    • U.S.


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  • -I believe there may or may not be a God out there somewhere. I'm not tied to any religion, so I can't say anything really on the matter.

    -I believe in the no sex until marriage, and I'm mostly kinda doing that. I'm waiting until I find the right guy I know I will always be with. "The first will be my last" is what I'm hoping for.

    -I dress modestly for the most part. But that's just because I'm shy and don't like people looking. I do have my moments where I don't though.

    -I'm very family oriented, family usually comes first to me.

    • I admire your set of beleifs. Too bad you're taken, haha

  • - I don't believe in God.

    - Personally, I only have sex in committed, monogamous relationships, but I don't really care what other people choose to do. My own views might change with time, I don't know.

    - Girls can dress as they like, but there are obviously clothes appropriate for one time/place and not another. It's the same with men.

    - Yes, people should take care of their spouse and children.

  • Agree with everything.

  • I believe in God for sure...

    "Dressing modestly" I believe is VERY open for interpretation.I grew up in an Apostolic Pentacostal church where dressing "modest" consisted of me looking homely.Wearing skirts to my ankles,and necklines to my chin.I didn't stop dressing like that until I was about 16 (when I finally got a CLUE.)Also,I don't understand why women must always be under some stringent rule or law.MEN should dress modest as well then,whatever that might entail.I don't believe aspects of the Bible should be taken literally,and that's where using ones brain comes into play.THE bible and the stories therein,were under a different law,a different time period.I just think people need to think about that.

    Hopefully,people are or can be family oriented,but everyones life is different.Different lives,different experiences.I can't say people "SHOULD" do anything but hopefully be they best that they can be.

  • I believe in God. I believe he has our best interest at heart. I think sex should be only shared between to people who have the idea of being together for a long time and shouldn't be thrown round like it isn't something special because it is. Girls should dress in away that shows confidence without needing to be over the top "sexy" I believe that if you have a lot of respect for yourself and self love then you don't need to dress like a hooker to get a mans attention. I also believe that a relationship is a partnership and only those two people can decide on what makes them happy as to what and how to raise a family.

  • Yes

    I believe in Jesus, accepted him, and I'm waiting for marriage :D

    we are not extinct :) yay !

  • -I've always believed in God.

    -I'm waiting until marriage before I have sex.

    -I do dress modestly because I don't want people getting the wrong impression about me.

    -I agree people should be more family oriented.

    • Where are you from if I may ask

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    • cool, it's nice to know there are guys who share these values and beliefs.

    • And I'm glad there are girls who do!

  • -No


    -In professional situations


  • I believe in this part:

    -That people should be more family oriented, taking care of their spouse and children.


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  • So not believing in them and not doing them is a mistake? okay.

    So which century are you from 0 ?

    I'm Roman-Catholic and having certain values and morals is a good thing, it shows you have balance and respect your body, but to do it only because your religion requires it, I find a bit over zealous.

    Don't use the religion to state that it's god's will that you should wait till marriage to have sex or dress all covering. These things are brought upon us by the guys in the church.

    Adam and Eve weren't ashamed of each others body until God had cast them out, so in truth God wants us to walk around naked and be proud of our bodies.

    He does mention that in holy matrimony will husband and wife fornicate and that the wife will do the husbands bidding and totally devote her life to make him happy. lol

    Yup, you become your husband stool after marriage, that's what's said. Ludicrous.

    Family oriented totally agree, but don't lose the sex it's the glue that keeps your husband close.

    Hold your faith high, but don't agree with everything blindly or your gonna becomes someone stool real soon. Which is like hell on earth.

    • First off, I am not saying it's a mistake,

      Second off, I do not even believe in any religion specifically. I just believe that sticking to those morals is key to a long term happy life, family and society.

      Women should dress modestly doesn't mean they need to cover themselves from head to toes, rather just not showing their thighs and cleavage/dress in a provocative way, which is a huge turn on to men, which can make things go wrong when you're married. No one agrees with cheating.

  • 1. God - I don't feel compelled to believe in one.

    2. I've only ever had sex in serious, relationships that I expected to be long term.

    3. Dress is a cultural thing, as is modesty. When in Rome, do as the Romans do.

    4. I'm incredibly family oriented. They're my top priority in life.

  • I can't say I would abide by the sex part if I were not married... However, I do believe that there are consequences for those who do believe it is wrong based on your faith, if you are to go contrary to your faith...

    But if I were in love with a lady and not married, I would not think twice about having sex with her.

    Now as for being married, that is one commitment that I hope to keep.

    I feel that I have vowed to God and my wife in marriage, to keep myself from adultery.

    So far, so good... It has been a hard thing to turn down... I can't say; "No pun intended..." ;)

  • I believe in God.

    I do not believe in waiting until marriage for sex

    I believe girls should dress how they feel is most comfortable/stylish - but not depend on the attention of other people to validate them.

    I do think people should be more family oriented.

  • - I don't know if there is a God nor do I actually care.

    - I don't abide by it, but if someone else wants to, it's not my concern.

    - It's no concern of mine.

    - I agree that if a person has a spouse and/or children, he or she should take care of them. As for being family oriented otherwise, everyone can do what they like, but I will not be one to ever make a family.

  • I agree with all of those.

    I'm a believer.

  • 1) Yes, I believe in God. There just seems to be far more scientific, historical and philosophical evidence for one then against one

    2) Yes

    3) Yes

    4) Yes

    • Where are you from if I may ask?

    • England why?

    • Just curious as some people relate those beliefs to less fortunate countries, and call them retards

  • 1) God - No, it's a silly notion really. I firmly believe that if people could look at religion objectively, they'd realize how foolish it is.

    2) Avoiding Pre-Martial Sex - No. I like sex and see no reason to limit myself to one person when I'm young and in my sexual prime.

    3) Girls should dress modestly - No, girls can dress however they wish, just like men.

    4) People should be more family oriented. Yes, this I agree with.

    • Seems usually 1) 2) and 3) go together.

    • In oppressive misogynistic theocratic societies, maybe.

    • Also in f***ed up ruptured families and societies.