Girls, would this be a romantic marriage proposal?

Every guy likes to do the whole go to some beautiful/expensive place and get on their knee and pop the question, right?

I thought about what would be my proposal.

What about if he proposes to you... while having sex with you? You engage in the most intimate act, he's giving you passionate sex, then he looks you in the eye and pops the question.



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  • Honestly... No.

    Sex it's not romantic, although some girls might say it is just because they want some reason to do it. There's a difference between lustful and romantic.

    It's such an awkward moment do ask that. If you actually did it so, the girl might as well stop the entire thing(and with that I mean the sex AND maybe, seeing you, for a while), or even think that you are saying what comes to your mind and not even giving it any thought, which would make her not taking you seriously.

    But every girl is different, and if you think yours is like that... Sure, give it a try.


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  • If you do do it lol pun intended. Make sure it's beautiful. Rose pedals! Lots and lots of real rose pedals. But it has to be a new setting to make it extra special if you can. Or your heart out to her. I myself would hesitate to say yes to my boyfriend if I didn't feel he was speaking from the heart.

  • Hell no, what if people gonna ask.. How did he propose to you?!

    Then every time she has to lie :/

    No one would like to hear, oh you had rough passionate sex and he just asked you?


  • Doesnt seem romantic.The proposal means a lot to a girl , she'd love to tell every single person she knows about it and obviously they'll ask "how he proposed? " , saying he proposed to me while having sex doesn't seem romantic or very appealing


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  • That would be cool depending on the girl. Many girls want a well thought out and romantic proposal that they can retell to anyone with working ears and that may get some other girls to be slightly envious of them. Your situation isn't quite something to brag about in public. Anyway if you know your girl well then you should go for it if she would like that kind of thing