Should I go to this wedding with my boyfriend?

We haven't really spent anytime with each others' families. He is going to his cousin's wedding with this dad, little brother, sister and his sister's boyfriend. (The sister and the boyfriend have been together for like 6 years). My boyfriend and I have only been together for 4 months. We are 22

Today he randomly said to me, "oh do you want to go to the wedding?" I didn't even know what he was talking about because he never really mentioned it before. I was like ... not really lol, do you want me to go?

He said "idc, I don't want to go myself" He said it is kind of far away and that they are staying at a hotel. I would feel kind of strange staying over with his family.


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  • You should! Weddings are fun! No one will be focused on you and him anyways- you'll probably just have to shake a lot of hands and be known as "that cousin's new girl friend". It will be way less awkward and painless than meeting each family member individually at different family gatherings, plus you'll have an automatic talking point if things are ever awkward (like when your boyfriend has to pee and leaves you to fend for yourself). You can always say things like "this is such a beautiful wedding!" or "how do you know the couple?"


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  • Go to the wedding. It seems that he really wants to go there as well.


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  • Go for it. It shows him that you care enough to go through some possibly awkward family meetings. Its worth it. I think he does care or else he wouldn't have brought it up in the first place.

    *also, as far a clothing goes, try to stay conservative. You don't want his family to get the wrong idea this soon in your relationship