Guy friend getting upset over a ring?

My best guy friend got upset when he thought I was wearing an engagement ring. I had posted a pic on Facebook of me wearing a ring on my pinky finger - it spells "love" and I thought it was cute - and he told me tonight that when he first saw it, he thought it was an engagement ring and was like "nooooo!" (Semi-jokingly but legitimately sounded upset and wanted me to hear it in his voice) Then he said "And I was also like why would you get engaged and post a picture without telling me?" (Nice save.) I have reason to think he likes me (a lot) and has for a while but now am wondering if he might actually love me. Thoughts?


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  • What first comes to my mind is to ask how you feel about him. If your feelings toward him are strictly limited to friendship then does this matter? For his sake you would have to act as if he was only joking so he could keep face and remain your friend. If you have stronger feelings than that, or if you think his feelings might affect yours, then it matters.

    • My feelings aren't limited to friendship. It's just that we can't really be together at the moment (long story) so I haven't exactly pursued anything more than friendship.

    • Is this a mutual understanding or your thinking on your own? In either case, the incident does suggest a possible open door in the future if and when the situation frees up.

    • Pretty sure (99%) that it's mutual. And thank you by the way - I appreciate the advice. :)


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  • It seems he had the idea you were taken.

    • And wanted me not to be, I'm guessing (or be with me himself) - because if he saw me as only a friend he would be excited for me right? I know that sounds like a stupid question but I'm trying to figure out what this means - like I said he has acted as if he likes me (a lot) for a while now.

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  • well maybe you could ask him what he thought of it ... or get a friend to ask him if he likes you or loves you ... see us ladies and girls think lifes going to be like the movies or that whatever we think is mostly right but .. guys react different ways then us .. so if you want to know just get a friend to ask him if he has ever thought of you or likes you or get a friend to get him to ask you out if your both for it don't force anyone it only turns out worse

    • Thank you! I agree about guys and girls thinking differently. I appreciate the advice :)