Gender roles: Are there any women who feel more like men when it comes to gender roles?

My parents divorced when I was ten or so and after that I sort of assumed the male role in the house - lifting heavy things, protection and most of the things the dad would typically do because my mother and sister were unwilling to do those sorts of things.

I now find myself wanting a wife rather than a husband and the thought of being a wife (to a husband) and doing the roles she would normally do - give up job, have/raise kids and take care of the house - utterly horrifying. I would literally rather die than do that. This poses a small problem as I would like a family of my own one day but am completely unwilling to be a wife figure.

I don't really identify as a lesbian (nor straight). I just see my idea life partner being a woman... with maybe a boyfriend on the side.

Do any other women feel this way?


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  • Gender roles don't have to be your life guard. Its absolutely fine that you don't identify as anything. Lesbian, straight, bi are all labels to describe yourself. If none fits, cool.

    You can get with a guy ( if that's what you want) and build a family with children without having to stay at home and being a housewives, you don't have to give up your job and take care of the house just because you were born with a uterus. We don't live in the 1950s.

    To me personally.

    I was always a femine girl. So I wouldn't mind taking care of House/ children if the person I have a house and children with does 50 percent of the work to.

    what I can relate to is not wanting to give up my job. I don't see the sense in going to school for 13 years and studying for up to 5 just so I can give it up as soon as a child pops out. But I'm 18 so a lot of time to figure things out :)


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  • No, I see women are more feminine.


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  • I dont, I like the wife role better but wouldn't mind doing things from the guy role.

  • No I don't