Has any one been divorced or broken an engagement?

What were the reasons? I was engaged and called it off. I will tell my story in an update after we hear how others reply.

We all know someone who has been divorced, but have YOU personally been divorced or broken an engagement?

I was engaged a few years ago. And I broke it off.

I was away on a business trip and came home a ya early to find him in bed with his best mans wife. His excuses were laughable, but I got the last laugh she dumped him and his friend dumped his wife.


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  • my cousin broke off her marriage recently


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  • I was married, now divorced. My ex-wife would berate and belittle me over all kinds of things; she didn't like the school I was going to, thought we should live in a nicer place, didn't like our vacations, etc. At this time I was a struggling student putting myself through college.

    I eventually found out she had been seeing another guy on the side.


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  • my uncle and it was because his wife cheated on him. it was horrible on the kids