Do you think it would be totally wrong?!!!

Well be and my cousin are very close and I don't mean as cousins we do lots of stuff together just hanging out and we hug but not normal like boyfriend/girlfriend and we hold hands and stuff do you think it would be 100% wrong for us to date were only cousins by marriage my step dads brothers son SO do you think that would be just terrible or kinda weird!

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  • I guess I understand what you are trying to ask. You are asking if it would be wrong to date your stepcousin right? I would say it is not wrong, but if you two are planning to tell the public that you guys are dating, your families will give both of you a lot of disapproval words. The question to you guys, are you guys willing to commit and no matter how tough it is you guys are able to love one another and don't give a crap of what both of your parents will be saying? If you guys can't and because you guys are afraid of gossips and rumors, I will double think before starting. Good luck and talk it out with your stepcousin.

    • Our familys don't care they think we should and everybody in the "public" thinks we are together!!!!

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  • You won't make any three-headed babies, so go ahead.


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  • Legally you may not still be able to date. I know in Australia if you grew up with your step-relations as your steps then they are counted as real family (because emotionally they are) and you can get in trouble for dating them, because its considered incest. But if you are happy with this guy and feel that you will be able to make it through things together then go for it.

  • Noo. If its only by marriage there is nothing wrong with that.

  • Your question does not make any sense!