Married Ladies: How comfortable did you find your wedding dress?

I'm curious how you found it. Was it comfortable? Was it easy to walk in?

Some people told me, brides need help when they go to the bathroom with the dress on.



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  • I'm not married, but I've been a bridesmaid a few times and to be honest, most wedding dresses seem cumbersome.

    The one bride I was a bridesmaid for did indeed need help putting her dress on, going to the bathroom, and maneuvering in tight places...

    The other, she was OK to move around on her own for the most part (except the bathroom thing again), but she said her dress was so heavy it felt like wearing a sleeping bag- in JULY.

    The going to the bathroom thing is pretty standard in a long, full-skirted gown or one with a train. It's just really difficult to hold up a full skirt or train in bathroom stall and you sure don't want it dragging on the floor in there.

    If I ever get married, I've decided I want a simpler, shorter gown I'm free to move around in and don't need a bathroom attendant for lol. Not of course that I minded helping either of the brides- it's what friends do and obviously what bridesmaids do.


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  • "brides need help when they go to the bathroom with the dress on"

    That's what the maid of honor is for lol

  • Never been married but those dresses do look uncomfortable, when I get married, if I do, I just want to wear a simple silk dress.

  • Who cares its for one day!


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  • depends on the style of the dress.

    most traditional dresses are probably fairly uncomfortable as there's lots of material etc..

    more non traditional ones, like white evening gowns or even short white clubbing ones, are probably a little more comfortable, depending on how she feels about showing that much more skin