Why can I not get along with her?

So... this is how it goes, my mother-in-law and I always bumped heads ever since we meet, she is dominate and manipulating. My husband on the other hand wants us to get along but it's impossible. I recently got married and she wants to know all about my life all of a sudden she makes harsh jokes about me and my family and since I want her to like me I always say yes to everything she says even tho later I'm pulling my hair out and venting with my husband why did I do that he gets offended cause this is his mother omg I don't know what to someone please help me I need advice desperately


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  • Well..dont always say yes to everything she says. If she asked you something and try to make fun of u, be calm and say something funny joke(nothing truthful) in that context. Try to distract her from those topics. Don't complaint to your husband he probably won't understand unless you can cry out loud some day. Anyways. Crying can work but I won't recommend it. When she is just barking and you think you don't need to face her then aovoid her by doing anywork. So that she would stop talking by herself. You are too young so take your time. Sometimes settling with other people does take time. If she says something about your family then I think you should tell about it to your husband, if you think he'd listen to you atleast.

    take care


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  • I feel your pain. My former mother-in-law wanted her own song to March down the aisle. Then she pitched a fit at the reception because she did not get all the pictures she wanted. The lady made my life miserable. I could not do anything right and she made it very clear that I was not good enough for her son. Meanwhile, my family excepted my ex with open arms. I was never disrespectful but we could not find common ground. She was more interested in controlling our marriage. So I can't give you any advice on how to deal with a controlling mother-in-law. I can only sympathize with your situation.