Using a lot of exclamation points

I'm probably just trying to look for something that's not there but I was just talking to a girl who was using a lot of exclamation points. She's a cheerleader for the Indianapolis Colts (I met her because she's from a town here in Ohio) so she may have just been using the exclamation points because cheerleaders tend to be very chippy people. She has a boyfriend and I think she may even be engaged to him however you can never count on those things going through especially because I have an aunt who was engaged and he wound up cheating on her. This girl and her man appear to be happy but you never know what's actually going on. If she tells me to back off or what not, then I will but I think it's perfectly fine to interact with a cheerleader. That's kind of what they're supposed to do--interact with their fans. I have a couple questions about this

1. Why was she using so many exclamation points when she was talking to me?

2. Girls, do you do this often when you meet a guy for the first time (whether you're a cheerleader or not)?

3. Guys, do you ever experience this. Did they wind up liking you?


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  • I use them alot, and when am using them while texting

    A guy, that means am interested, if I wasn't interested than

    I would put periods .



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  • You don't have a chance...

    • That's not what I was asking, but thanks for your input anyway

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  • She's just being a media personality with those exclamation points. And she won't want anything to do with you..this girl meets a lot of guys and can pick and choose. Not many cheerleaders are into the boy next door, when they're meeting millionaires every day.

  • 1. Probably because she likes to show she's expressing herself in that manner.

    2. n/a

    3. yes. Not always. At least not that I'm aware of.

  • It's enthusiasm for the statement, not anything else. I agree that cheerleaders will use more of them in general but those passionate about their subject matter will go overboard as well. Not about liking the reader, sorry.