Hey girls, how did your guy propose?

Hey girls, how did your guy propose? Was it funny, cute, or just basic? Please tell one tell all!


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  • There is this place my wife and I would go to every weekend from the beginning. It was a spot of beach along the oregon coast that I nicknamed "gumball Cove". I decided to let fate dictate what was to happen. So, I bought a ring and wrapped it in plastic with a note saying "will you marry me" and buried it under some rocks along the path we would always walk. I let it sit there for about 6 months. Every time we walked by it took every bit of effort not to check or spill the beans. Then, on her birthday, as we walked by that spot I said "wait, I think there is something under those rocks? ' She went over and moved the rocks around and low and behold everything was still there. The rest is history.

  • Your under 18! Why the heck are you talking marriage?! I do hop this is just girl romance fantasy

    • I am NOT I repeat NOT getting married or planning to for a very long time. I'm not even in a relationship. Just wondering because my cousin got proposed to by her boyfriend and he did the sweetest thing so I was just wondering about how other Guys have proposed

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