Why a successful man would let his wife wear the pants at home and then look for a mistress to feel like a man?

He has very high social status and successful and wealthy. He let his wife run all over him at home even she is not as educated and such. She totally dominates him.

He wants to feel like a man and has a mistress outside. Why would he do that? Can't he just man up at home? After all she is not working and he is the bread winner

he is very wealthy so I assume he is good with finance.


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  • I wish the dynamics of relationships were that simple. Perhaps what is the reality is that he is irresponsible. So rather than her "dominating" him it's more a matter of him having to submit control in order to stay alive else he enter debt and blow all of his money. I don't know his financial history, of course, but generally people who ( presuming you're accurately describing the situation and working with the details given ) seek out this behavior were irresponsible to begin with. Manliness does not come from running things but rather from feeling you make a useful contribution to things. So he knows that other than money he isn't really a necessary element and it bugs him so he goes and elopes with those still dazzled by the prospect of a man of status and wealth without the full knowledge that he's a total child about life in general.

    Consider it a form of "Adult Tantrum".


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  • He probably lacks intuition, and as a result married a fraud of a woman who was a good actor trying to get his money. Now that she's in the position she wants to be in she's trying to make him miserable to break the relationship so she can take half. He figures he'll just let her live in the house and go bang other women and see who cracks first. Gold diggers going to dig...

    • I guess it's cheaper to keep her at home than let her take half when divorce LOL

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    • guess that explain why she can dominate him LOL guess he better sneak around while feeling for his balls to make it right

    • Possibly. =P

  • No, it is not actually cheaper to keep someone in the home than it is to divorce them. Over time, depending on how long they have been married, it is far more expensive and extensive. Also, being wealthy does not tie directly into being good with finance. I know people who make 80k a year working for IBM that are still flat broke. They just spend it all, somehow.

    • He makes a lot more than that and he only spend when needed. Yea they have been married for a long time. Didn't know the length of marriage has impact on a divorce. Do you mean the woman can get more?

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    • it;s hard to include the whole story, if it;s too long no one would read it from my experience

    • Balance. You left out every important bit and gave an empty general shell of what's going on. It's just as bad. GOODDAY MADAM!

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  • well becuase he needs a woman to take car eof everything in the house while he gets the money.

    • Can't he do that without being whipped by her?