Should I forgive my wife or not?

Iv been married to my wife for 4 years. However I caught my wife having sex with my dad at his house... I just walked out and drove off when my wife came back I told her to get out and she just laughed at me and told me to shut up and she went to bed... and now I'm here I just don't know what to do I think I'm in shock.? can someone tell me what the right thing to do is... I don't want to end our marriage but I might have to

Some advice please?


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  • What are you afraid of? Why don't you want to end your marriage? She did that to your DAD!

    First of all, she did an unimaginable act. Then, on top of that, she acts like it's no big deal, like it's nothing, and laughs it off, and disrespects you by telling you to "shut up". If you care about this, and she doesn't respect you enough to take your feelings into consideration, then she does not deserve you.

    She's married to you, and not your dad. That's just wrong. Don't be with this lady.

    • Yeah I'm going through the divorce process right now!

    • Thank you for choosing my answer.

    • Your welcome



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  • The right thing to do is leave her.

  • uh evryone gonna say leave her. if you don't want to end it. then let her apologize and forget about what happen let it past .but make sure your wife don't do that ugly mistake again stay with her but if it happen again eh then you have to leave her. marriage isn't a game..good luck

  • The right thing to do is to take a step back, give yourself time apart from her to think it through and to come up with the right decision for yourself.

    No one on here can tell you what decision to make, all they can tell you is what they'd do in that situation. Or at least, what they imagine they'd do. No one can know for sure unless they've actually been there.

    Only you know how you feel about her, how much you trust her.

    Like I said, take a step back to think it through. Once you've got your head straightened out, sit down and talk to her. Ask her to be completely honest with you and hear her out. Do the same thing with your dad.

    Then go and think about it some more before you decide. It's not a decision to rush into.


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  • A agree with anon, for one thing it's with a family member... Honestly I've never been in a 'cheating' situation so I can't say whether that's truly worse than her sleeping with someone random, although I'd assume it'd be worse since it affects your opinion on him as well. Plus her reaction shows disrespect towards you, most people who feel bad about cheating would apologize and try to make it up to you, which is the kind of person I'd forgive. I don't think I could forgive someone that does what you've said and then acts like it's not a big deal... why? Because that's the kind of attitude that makes me feel like they're more than certain to do it again.

    • I'm really thinking about a divorce

  • Divorce her no questions asked. Plus she laughed at you over this so something is definitely cynical about her.