Psycho girls trying to ruin my marriage

So me and my husband have been going through a hard time with women from his past trying to break up our marriage. When we were just friends he always dated crazy irresponsible women. He never settled down with them because they cared more for the bar than their kids. Ever since we have been dating/married they have tried many ways in getting his attention. I've told many to not call a married man or message. Most have stopped except one, which she texts and will stock his instagram. Which to me its like fine like our wedding pics be jealous but now that we are about to have a son in a few weeks that's not OK to be on his pics which we won't delete because of out of town friends. Which to me when it comes to our kid that's a threat and ill do anything to protect. She has told our friends that it kills her that my husband settled down with me that treats me way better than any other girl, that she wants to try to get him back. My husband is fed up and so am I with these crazy women and he's nervous that they are going to try to come close to our son. Any advice on the best way handling this without having to handle it a wrong way that can get us introuble. Without having to move out of our house.


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  • Make his instagram private so she does not look. Is he communicating with her? He needs to tell her in the most direct way, back off or you'll call the police. Her choice. Document the amt of times she texts and calls. I'd report her to the police if needed.

    • He does not communicate with her. That's a good idea. Thank you I will do that.

    • Good for you. If she hasn't got the hint. She never will. You're having a baby, you don't need this woman causing havoc in your lives. Private all your accts. She doesn't need to be updated on anything. Nor does she need to see his pics, esp of your new arrival when your baby comes. Hope it all works out hun. :-)


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  • You and your husband should both send her a message asking her nicely to leave you alone. Save the message. If continues contacting you you can call the cops for harassment and possibly obtain a restraining order, be sure to document every attempt at communication. Good luck with everything :)

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