How do I kindly make my guyfriend understand that the woman he wants doesn't exist?

I am concerned for a guy friend of mine. He could easily get laid if he wanted to but chooses not to because he wants an emotional connection. At the same time nobody measures up to his desires because the woman that he is looking for doesn't exist. So how do I convince him to take his head out of his ass, have sex like a normal guy.

He wants a woman that wants to spend the rest of her life with him eventhough he doesn't want kids or marriage and accepts his conditions. Problem is, is that any woman that accepts his conditions are the ones that are a tad more sexually liberated, which he doesn't like either because they are too slutty for his taste.

So where do I find a non-slutty woman who doesn't want marriage or kids? Where does this strange breed of female exist? I'm OK with not having kids but no-ring is a dealbreaker.


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  • First off, well done for trying to help your friend out. It sounds like he has a hollywood image of romance and the "happy ever afters" vision. He will learn in time that this is not really the case. However, I do commend him on not settling. I'm pretty old fashioned about these kind of situations too. But I'm a firm believer in "whatever will be will be" thing, so I wouldn't worry too much about him. Some things have a way of just working themselves out and I'm sure his ultimate woman will appear at some stage haha!


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  • Well it depends on if he's choosing to be single over being in a relationship. I'd personally at least fuck them even if I didn't want a relationship. Nothing wrong with enjoying the single life and if he's meeting women who don't have that childish "Sex is evil and girls who have sex are wrong" attitude he should at least hang out with them and just not commit to them.

    • Exactly! A guy who speaks with some kind of sense. How would you get him to realice that he?s overidealised women?

    • The main thing is to get him to realize that not every woman he comes in contact with has to be someone he's pursuing a relationship with. Tell him just like how he hangs out with guy friends there's nothing wrong with hanging out with girls who happen to be friends.

  • Actually it's not as rare as you think. I know a few people personally who don't want marriage, don't want kids, and refuse to run around sexing everything they can.

    • What percentage were female?

    • Half. She has a boyfriend with the same mindset. It's not as rare as you think it is, really.

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  • I'm non slutty and don't want kids and I'm straight...but I won't have sex before marriage so he's gonna have to give me a ring :p

    I'm sure there's a girl out there but...yeah. He'd have to raise his own woman from a baby in order for her to have all those ideals lol.

    • I guess you are right LOL.