Ladies - Suppose you haven't had sex with your married husband in over a year...

And then one day he simply announces to you that your marriage is now an "open" marriage. Since you won't have sex with him, he is going to get it from outside the marriage. He tells you you're free to do the same if you wish.

How do you think you'd react? (If you can put yourself in the wife's frame of mind.. she just has a very low libido and has no interest changing her ways or seeking counselling)


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  • I would get a divorce if I was the husband.

    IF the wife is not open to counseling, or seeing a doctor to try to up her libido, or just going through the motions to please her husband.

    I have a low libido due to birth control pills. But I still do it as much as he wants because that's just how I believe it should be.

    I would not announce that it's on open marriage though. That's something that needs to be discussed.

    So yea, I'd just say that it isn't going to work if she isn't going to put in the effort to have a sexual relationship as well. That's part of the love.

    • That's great for putting yourself in HIS mental space. But I asked about hers?

    • If my husband said that. It would be a big fight. And if he was concrete on his decision, I'd leave too. That's not how a marriage is suppose to be.

      But ultimately I do think that she needs to try to be more sexual


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  • Well, a marriage isn't "open" if only one person agrees to it. If a man "simply announces" it without his wife agreeing, then goes and sleeps with someone's cheating.

    It also seems a bit rash. Has he talked to the wife about this before? Does she know he's upset they haven't had sex in so long?

    If she really does have a low libido and no interest in changing or seeking counseling, then I would get a divorce, not sleep around.

  • Lo libido..maybe he's done something that can't be fixed.

    When a woman shut down like that, and every thing stops especially the love making...I would say good riddance, its obvious she's not happy. So she shut down all emotions towards him.

    If she doesn't have a low sex drive...I would say mentally she's un happy and turned off.

  • I would hand him divorce papers.

  • I would leave him. 100%.

  • Time for a divorce.


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