Married men of GAG, do you do this?

have you ever felt stuck in your marriage and divorce just isn't an option at the moment? also in that time have you ever developed feelings for someone else and how did you treat them? as far as phone calls, texts, emails and so forth...?

im not seeing a married man. nor am I thinking of doing this.

its just a question.


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  • When guys say that, its a lame excuse to get extra sides. Guys have no problems leaving women they have no feelings for. My father left his exwife with kids, just to marry my mother because he loved my mother. He paid an expensive divorce and deeply regrets what happened to the children in his first marriage. But in the end he chose my mother (who had not slept with him while he was married). Men do crazy things when in love. However, this is 1/1000. Most men genuinely love their wives, Women think that men don't love their wives and that's why they are suckered into affairs. So if a man says he is stuck... that is pure bullshit. That is his way of keeping you interested while staying married to the woman he actually loves, (his wife).

    • Uh, a lot of men DO have problems with that, when there are children involved. Some leave, some don't.

    • That is the man's problem. Women, should not cater to married men's needs unless they are married to the man.


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  • The only reason you feel stuck in your marriage is because you two have closed your hearts off to each other. Did you both get serious brain damage? Then what's changed? Your hearts. For each other.

    The reason you have developed feelings for someone else is because you are too unwilling to open your heart back up to the mate you promised you would love for the rest of your life.

    I find it sad when this happens, when a couple just stops trying. And I don't care who's fault it is.

    You need to rediscover your love for him, and him, for you. Forgot the past bullshit, especially if it hurts. If there's no physical or mental changes in either of you, then the only reason it is not working is because you do not want it to.

    Sometimes repairing a relationship means swallowing your pride and humbling yourself.

    If you are going to be giving your heart to someone other than who you promised it to, that is a low thing.

  • I love my wife, and thus avoid any interactions that could possibly lead to a sordid end. Men and women are hard-wired for sexual tension not friendship.

  • I am not married anymore, but I use to be married. I never feel that way. I was ready to be divorced, long before I wanted to start looking elsewhere.


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  • Now I may be wrong, and correct me if I am, but it sounds to me like you're dating a married man. If that's the case, RUN! Run away as fast as you can! Don't sit there trying to figure out his actions, just move on! It's never a good sign when a married man entertains another woman especially if she is looking for a relationship and not just fun, either way someone's going to get hurt and chances are, it's not him!

  • Quit dating married men.