Is it wrong to get married at 24?

I'm asking this because I know some people think that getting married at 21-24 is too young to get married. I can't understand why. If we meet the right person and are sure in our decision and are truly in love, why shouldn't we? I know some people will say "because you're too young, you still have you life to live before you get married" or something like that. What should people my age be doing? Having little "flings" and one night stands all the time? I am not a "one night stand" type of girl. I want someone who really loves me, NOT my body. I don't care how old I am. I just want to know that he'll love me for who I am. I won't feel that way if all I'm having is a quickie.

Just so you know: I'm not against partying. Like if someone invites me to a party, I'll go, but just to have some fun with friends and have a good time, not to let random head over heels drunk guy hit me up the wrong way (lol)


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  • Under 18 too young my 23 year old sister got married last Saturday if your ready to be a wife go for it my hubby was 21 when we got married


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  • I got married at 21 and my wife was 19. This was very common back in 1977. We stayed married for 26 years, which isn't too bad.

  • I think most women are brainless until they're about 25.They start to grow up and think differently after that ( some never gtow up).OK,you're close to 25.

    There's about a 50% chance that any marriage will fail.Right now is a good time to accept that you'll probably find yourself in that 50%,if you don't take steps to avoid it.It doesn't matter how much you love each other right now;things will change and it will be mainly you changing.

    Very few marriages break up because of infidelity or physical/emotional abuse.Be prapared to find out and avoid the real causes.If you don't work on that,you're pretty much doomed to failure.

    • I know, but that doesn't mean I want to spend my young days sexing around with some sex freak. Why should I, because I don't want to be a come dumpster.

    • You're on the right track.I'm just saying take it seriously.You only get back what you put in.Some things are worth working on,but if you don't work at it you don't get to enjoy it.

    • True. I just can't stand the thought of some pervert treating me like a sex doll because I'll feel like a slut :( It's not a good feeling :(

  • Marriage is a business transaction not only about love. There are so many questions to ask. Are you going to follow him for his career or is he going to follow you? Do you have common goals? Do you want to have kids? Are you two financially stable? If you have kids, are you going to set up a college fund? How much money are you saving? Where are you going to live? Whose parents are you going to see during the holidays? Life insurance? Don't forget for better and worse part of marriage. Are you ready to wipe his ass if he can't do it? Are you ready to stick with him if he is in trouble? Will he stay loyal to you if you hit rock bottom?

    • So, what are you saying?

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    • You don't have to sleep around; you can date guys without sleeping with them.

    • Ok lol

  • There's nothing wrong with it, but getting married is about more than being in love. Finding the 'right person' means finding someone you can actually spend the rest of your life with, someone whose faults you can live with, faults you can love (even if they can annoy the crap out of you). It takes time to find out if the person you're with is that someone, and often it takes a lot of trying with the wrong people to figure out just what exactly you want/need from a partner.

    So, basically, at such a young age, there's just a very good chance you simply don't have enough experience yet, be it with the person you're with or with relationships in general.

    • Great advice. That don't mean I'm gonna let pervs get at me lol. Or do I not have a choice :(

    • You do. Just be careful and learn from any mistakes you make. There are a lot of great guys out there. Finding them can be a little hard, but they can add a whole lot to your life, even the ones that aren't right for you.

    • True..

  • No. Why would it be?


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  • No. Go ahead and get married.