How can I gain his respect?

I'm not a whore and I don't intend to be treated like one. he knows that I'm not going to have sex until I'm married, but he still seems to only think about getting me in bed... how can I get him to like me as a person, not just an object?

Well, I have been VERY firm on the fact that I'm staying pure until marriage, and he's still hanging around, his actions don't really seem to change except for the fact that when he's about to say something racy he'll ask first, lol. it' adorable.
i really like him, and I want and deserve his trust and respect. I'm not going to be that girl he laid, or whatever... I want to be with him forever...


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  • Sweetheart! You will gain his respect by not giving in to his pressure! If a man is sportfishing( which he is...meaning landing that great catch (in bed)) then it's what he is doing! Men sportfish( especially younger men/boys..hint that's were the term young stud originated from) until they decide that they only want one women in their life...period! Often it's the man's lifestyle choice...but on occasion a man will meet a women and think to himself she's it the one I want for the rest of my life! The best thing in this situation is to tell him your requirements...that is to not have sex until marriage...and be firm! It will drive him crazy and he will leave or try harder! If he trys harder remove yourself from the situation! At that point he will either begin treating you with the respect you deserve or he will move on to the next pond! If he moves on then he did you a huge favor! Don't give in because if you do you will become the one he landed and the game will be over...and then he will leave and move on to the next pond anyways! Stay strong sweetie!


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  • From a christian man I say leave him if he can not respect your wishes then he does nor respect

    you as a person. the minute you give in to his advance his the minute he will leave you and brag

    to his friends I seen this happen to people related to me before. He probally does not even want

    to marry you. just have sex get a man that's ready to get married or is willing to respect your

    wishes. Personally id just ask god if I was you but its your choices ultimately what you do.

  • you are right on ur point of view... just kiss him cutly when you regect his proposal.. and say sorry I can't hope its work


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  • You like him and if he likes you enough, even if he doesn't like staying pure until marriage, he will stay with you. Time is what he can give you for showing you respect. I think that is awesome that you are staying pure till marriage because I want to do the same. I am not a church goer or in a cult of people I am just a person that wants to give my virginity to someone I know will charrish it and not flaunt it. If he stays with you you know he likes you.

    But just a warning he will get mad if you guys haven't got into a fight about it yet. Mean things wil probably be sad and feelings will probably get hurt. Relationships are a tough ride but if you guys truly like each other it will last. I wish you the best.

  • he just wants you as a conquest. you are right that you do deserve to be respected but he is a young man and is under the influence of hormones so is probably not thinking about the future and long term relationships and resepct, he's thinking with his johnson.