Is it time to get married? Should I start looking?

I am a college student but I always feel like something is missing from my life. I don't know what it is but I am online for 9 hours a day talking to people. I think I should find somebody to settle down with so that I don't have to spend hose 9 hours by myself anymore. I don't know where to look because I am overweight and don't get very good luck when I am on dating sites. I don't have any friends either.


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  • Stop looking for a partner and buying into the whole hype that society says you have to find your "soulmate" in order to be happy, thats total bullshit, you have to create your own happiness. Focus on your life, goals and plans. The right person will eventually find their way to you, most likely when you least expect it. You need to be happy, content and know yourself before you can hope to be happy and get to know someone else.


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  • Switch some online time for the gym and fitness forums. It will change your life. Plus gyms have dudes :)

  • Well this has always been my policy on marriage.
    1. Despite the popular opinion it's not for everyone. (Don't marry because you think it's right or because you think it'll make you happy)
    2. Marry for what already is not what will be. (If you love someone and both of you feel more comfortable sharing your daily lives together and feel committed to keeping things enjoyable then get married)
    3. Don't make it out to be more than what it actually is (if you think it'll be all peaches and cream don't do it. If you think that you'll never be attracted to someone else don't do it. If your getting married for the sake of getting married don't do it)

    But that's just my opinion.


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  • If you spend too much time online. STOP DOING THAT.. NO NEED TO GO GET MARRIED, G$D#MN... Where did you get that idea?