hi everybody :D ladys :) thinks about marry?

hi everybody :D ladys :) thinks about marry. At what age should marry me? :) i am 23 :)


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  • when you are a stable person who likes stability , having a good job with a good salary and can afford a family , and when you are ready to have kids and raise them up , and when you one woman is enough for you to be your home


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  • In my opinion you are ready to get married when:
    - you have enough money to buy her a decent ring
    - you both have decent jobs/one of you has a job that pays enough to take care of both of you
    - you can take care of yourself (you can cook, clean, etc.)
    - you have been in a relationship with her long enough to know that she is really the one you want to marry (more than 6months/1 year)
    and so on...


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  • A lot of people get married even younger than 23, but your chances of divorce skyrocket the younger you are. I'd wait until your late twenties at least until you get married.