Wedding idea. i need honest feedback please.?

I am currently planning my wedding. I was thinking instead of doing a dinner i would just do a candy bar. I have found several different sizes and shapes of vases and was thinking we could fill them with some of our favorite candy then have little bags for everyone to fill. Along with that i was going to have some cupcakes made and then only a small bride and groom cake. Do you think this would be cute or too childish.


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  • I was just at a wedding where they did that. The candy colors matched the dresses. The guys just wore suspenders in matching colors. . . no tuxes. And the cupcakes. It was great. They also served baked potatoes with a large variety of toppings. This couple had a small budget (no help from their families).

    You will always be able to look back on your wedding day and be proud that you did so much with so little.

    • A baked potatoe bar! that is genius :) thank you so much!


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  • I think thats adorable!!(: haha id love a wedding like that


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  • My cousin did nearly the exact same thing for his wedding. Only they made a cupcake cake so everyone could have a cupcake instead of a slice of cake.

    They filled vases with these weird water ball things and used them as center pieces. They gave everyone a small thing to have candy.

    Only they served a small dinner ('cause let's be honest, it's a stomach ache waiting to happen to just eat candy lol). They had the candy bar as appetizers and desert and stuff.

    But hey, it's your wedding. You can do whatever the heck you want.