Why Do White Chicks Love Black Guys?

Is it a fashion trend or something deeper? I would love to know what white girls find so fascinating in my ethnic group...Ive seen perfectly decent, smart white girls go for the most wasted black guys, simply because their black...is it a pheromone we're excreting out of our skin? lol or is it a personality/ culture issue?

Hey people, firstly it's been awhile since I've been on here and I'm appalled at my use of language and grammar! Lol it's truly been an eye opener and seeing how much I've grown and changed! :-D

Secondly Merry Christmas all and have a Happy New Year!

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    i disagree with most anwsers...yes some do for those reasons but not most and it gives interracial couples a bad name..i personally only date black men (I am white)but for several reason which none have been mentioned. 1.) I was in a very very bad relationship with a white man who abused me in every possible way and caused me to miscarry our child and now have a huge chance of never being able to have children according to doctors (my main goal in life was to be a great mother to 3-5 children)and now every time I think or try to date a white man I see him am repulsed. 2.) I have never been attracted to hispanic or asian guys but I love the contrast of dark skin (not just tanned) agaisnt mine. 3.) black men usually not always but usually have better bodies (more muscles) 4.) easily attracted to me ( I was unfortunatly "blessed" in the booty department 5.) the love of my life (who I've been going on 3 years off and on with now) is black...even though he thinks he's white lol.. 6.) I've been treated better by every black guy I've dated compaired to white guys (that may b luck tho) 7.) mixed babies are the prettiest! hehe and several others...none of my reasons are because its a trend...taboo...to p*ss off my parents...or any other stupid reason oh! and its def not because they "have bigger packages" because that is not always true at all...and girls if you dating a blk man just in hopes of him having a big penis...dont use him! just go buy a dildo and stop being stupid and using ppl!

    • Lol lemmi start that again cos I copyed anutha 'lol its funny how you people keep poppin up....i call you lot reserved racists...i asked this question 2 females...p*ss off and ask ur own questions and stop ridin on my d***'

    • Any of my previous comments either on this or anuva question....i love black females, I hate 2 love them but I love them....i believe the biggest test 4 a black man, is handling a black woman, simply because we're so alyk. I'm definately gona have my kids with a black lady...nothing to do with bein racist, because most of my most fruitful relationships have been with white girls....its just that I want a black prince 2 call my own..lol its funny how you people keep poppin up....i call you lot reserved ra

    • I agree with niceguy333 and guinner23x

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  • I don't like black guys and I'm white

    • That's fair enough I guess. As long as you've been attracted

    • I have only been attracted to very few black guys.

      Idk not my type. I'm picky with white guys too

    • Interesting... Why's this?

  • Meh this is such an attention whore question. You're doing nothing here but trying to masturbate your own ego, and that's very VERY unattractive. If you really had confidence and maturity, you wouldn't need to turn to the internet to validate your ego.

    And to answer your attention whoring question, I like guys with confidence, but who also have education, stability, a real passion or drive for something, and great personal chemistry with me. So whoever that is, I'm attracted to regardless of their skin color.

    Now how bout you go work on your confidence, so you don't have to ask egocentric questions like this.

    • Lol it's funny how emotional people can get over a question.. This question wasn't designed to stroke ego's.. it's simply a question that a lot of people do wonder about, hence the sheer amount of attention it's got... including yourself, or you wouldn't have clicked? bye.

    • //girls tend to stray towards the lazy, non working, sleezebag men of any race//

      Well it seems YOU do.

      //I am betting that this question asker is an allright hard working person//

      He probably is, but it's so lame when men say "why do women love me/people like me so much?", because it smacks of an over-inflated ego. A huge ego is huge a turn off. Women like men who are secure and confident, not men who have to masturbate their own ego to compensate for a lack of confidence.

    • //a white girl dates and sleeps with a black man doesn't make him or her gutter trash.//

      Durrr, no kidding, I've slept with several black men. They've all been classy though, just like all the men I choose to date these days.

      I call you trashy because I keep seeing your posts around the site insinuating it's okay for men not commit to their family and because you're denying your child a chance to know her dad. White Trash Shit there.

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  • Their Poor Fathers.

  • I'm really shocked with most answers, ONLY STEREOTYPING. One question, why do black girls who date white guys always say they treat them better, like a Queen and white girls say this about black guys? The grass is always greener on the other side. I know more than enough black guys who lack confidence, who are fat, skinny, short as hell. I know tons of non black guys who have swagger most black guys can't compete with, athletic ones, many who can dance and have rhythm. I know many many black guys with high pitch voices and white guys with deep sexy voices who makes your pants wet. Some girls should move out of their little world and open their eyes, lol. Maybe you should visit Europe, the men are FIIINNNEEE. White people have not a bit pride, they always insult themselves. Not one black girl I know who only dates white guys, would ever insult black guys. They love black guys, because they are their uncles, fathers etc. Why should a black guy date a white girl, when you have the same characteristics as white guys (Stereotype Alarm) small lips, flat asses, no family bound. You also complain that white guys don't respect they mothers, but are you better? Do white girls respect their mothers. In my opinion white guys respect their mother more. Self hate at it's best.

    They aren't better in bed either, it's your fault if you pick the wrong guys or can't turn them on. I had good and bad experiences with both. They aren't really bigger either.

    There was this white man at an office where I worked, and all the women were into him. He was fine as hell (according to everyone, black, white, Asian, Latina whoever said the same thing) and he knew exactly what to say. He was the type to make grown women giggle just from looking in their direction. Maaan, the way women were pawning over him, you would have thought he was the CFO, not the janitor. No black or hispanic man who work or ever worked at the office had such an impact on the women.

    • Lol it's funny how emotional people can get over a question.. This question wasn't designed to stroke ego's.. it's simply a question that a lot of people do wonder about, hence the sheer amount of attention it's got... including yourself, or you wouldn't have clicked? bye.

    • No black or hispanic man who work or ever worked at the office had such an impact on the women. ...

      NOW, you are what I refer to as the modern racist, you hide behind flaud assumptions and inaccurate statistics to voice your actual dislike.

      A Indirect Machiavellian Subtle Racist.

      Dude, f*** off back to the hole you came from, the worlds changed mate...your a Dinosaur.

    • 'They aren't better in bed either..They aren't really bigger either.' - ...because you've slept with a massive variety of black & white men to make your accurate conclusion?

      You talk out of your arse, that's your problem youngster.

      But when referring to white people you only have positives to say:

      'white guys with deep sexy voices who makes your pants wet.'

      'Maybe you should visit Europe, the men are FIIINNNEEE'

      'There was this white man..He was fine as hell (according to everyone, black

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  • Most black males only grow up with a mother so they have A LOT more respect for women then most..Race isn't the issue tho some girls look past the color and will go for any race.

    • I don't think it's stupid.. Thanks Ashley.

    • that's has gott to be the stupidest excuse for liking black guys I have ever heard.

  • Its like a fetish for some girls. but I don't think most go for losers. Girls with low self esteem go for losers and race has nothing to do with it.


    • Lol I wish it would be true. In my experience over 50% of white girls would never touch a black guy. I can't count anymore how often white girls said you are goodlooking for a black guy. Do you live near a ghetto?

    • ...try, and feel free to use my facial features as a reference point lol..be nice though. haha!

  • K, well, decent girls don't go for thugs or losers. It's just girls with low self esteem.

    • keep on hating online. truth is you'd never say that crap to my face. in fact you wouldn't even approach me at all in person. but I guess acting out online makes you feel good so whatever.

    • you my love will never be on my level phyically or mentally loooool keep on hating? LMAO!...dont decieve yourself by calling me a hater...

      your a racist at 16

      and your bodies hanging out everywhere...jokes aside, you actually do look like a typical filthy hoe...and the worst thing is, I could bet my car that you are.

    • keep on hating lol

      The funny thing about fugly losers is that you get so bitter and angry but you yourselves won't even hit on people who are on your level so whatever.

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  • I like them because they are very masculine, they treat girls like they are perfect, they usually don't cheat because they can be satisfied with only one girl. Most of them have deep sexy voices, too..big turn onn. They also are usually very protective of their girl.

    • say everything your just said in reverese, then it becomes true lol.

    • loool absolute idiot, take you life right now...you talk like an idiot.

    • i said one with a white girl and a black guy... you don't know the difference in races and genders? lol But seriously "black guys treat their women better" hahahah you need to stop thjinking with your vagina pull your head out of your ass and watch jerry springer more! lol half the people on that show are black and have kids with multiple spouces and girlfriends... I know what I'm talking about

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  • Well, I can certainly say that black guys are just as good looking as white/hispanic/asian guys. Aside from that, it's more of a girl wanting to be rebellious,.

    And to answer this; "Ive seen perfectly decent, smart white girls go for the most wasted black guys, simply because their black " well, the fact is girls have low self esteems in general and if a decent looking guy stars talking and flirting with her. Well, she'll date him and do damn near anything for him. No matter if he's a thug or not.

    My personal experince, my current boyfriend is black, I dated him because I was bored over the summer and our relationship is complicated, on/off, and I love him more than anything. I don't care that he's black, because we get a lot of hate from his family because his mom wants him to date only black girls and she's publically humilated me before. So simply put I'm not with him because he's black, but because he boosts my self esteem (refrence back to the fact a lot of girls lack a self esteem) and I've grown to love everything about him, good and bad.

    • That's sad when families do that. I gotta admit, I had a 2 year relationship with a black guy, and we caught all sorts of sh*t for it. Partially from our families, but a lot more just in general from society (dirty looks, comments, etc.) and from our more racist friends.

      I've since dated Asian guys and Indian guys and there was orders of magnitude less racism I experienced there. There seems to be an especially big racist sentiment surrounding white-black interracial dating in US culture.

  • sexy, hot, more masculine and dominant and did I mention Sexy :)

    • oh let's not forget about broke...that's always been a favorite of mine.

  • Firstyly it's the attitude ... they all just seem more confident. Secondly, it's the voice ... it's generally deeper and sexier. And thirdly (this may sound crazy) ... black guys smell much nicer than white guys.

    • over generalization at it's best. Girl do you only hang out in the ghetto? they ALL are more confident, ALL. Stupid little naive girl OMG.

  • I love black men because they are very masculine,sexy, and generally very sweet. Black people are just really outgoing and fun to be around. Black people also have big sexy juicy lips and that is very attractive. Well and I have to agree with INeverLovedU lol Black men are usually always big down there hahaha

    • Well I'm obviously not a women yet I'm a f***in 16 year old girl. I'm not looking for a grown ass man Also my current boyfriend of 3 years is African American and is pretty well in doubt so thank you for knowing your sh*t.

    • You never had sex with a black guy, no difference in the size department and I know what I speak about. About the masculine part. No offense you look cute, but that 'sthe problem. You wouldn't even get a masculine looking white guy, they often go for women, not girls.

  • i know I'm going to stereotype but.. black guys treat girls like princesses and are usually big and tall. And they are so hilarious with their silly accent they got going on. And who can't resist that cute puppy dog face

  • Well for one Black men are just really sexy. I also love the way they act how they carry themselves and how sweetly they treat there women. Although lets no forget that most black men are pretty big down there so that's a plus as well

  • I'm sorry. but you're no better than the guys that you are degrading. be the man that you claim to be and never ask another one of these questions that would get people so upset. you're only proving to most people that black guys can be concieted. Beauty is only skin deep. & it's called Viagra. No need to show off when you should be thanking the white guys that produces your white girls! it's a give and take.

    • Thank you.

    • my love, I am a charming and respectful individual, more so than most, if not every guy uve met...and I believe in giving respect to everyone until they give me a reason to take it away. You've now decided to talk to me on a less derogotary manor, hence why I now apologize for calling you an idiot...but my friend, you know nothing about me..so please, next time be careful about the manor in which you choose to express your opinions. That is all.

    • i'm not paranoid just simply asking a question you're the one calling me an idiot. don't hate just cause you know what I'm saying is true. just accept the fact that maybe there are people that would dislike a blunt question such as this. & change your attitude. as a guy you should know how to talk to a lady. don't be a disappointment to the ladies who find you charming because there certainly is nothing charming about your comments. prove me wrong

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  • Man I love all races, lol. The ideal black guy for me would be tall and macho looking and the ideal white guy for me would be tall and lanky. Asians are hot too, with their sexy ass hair. lmao.

    • Lol thanks :).......................i think....:s

    • But yeh if I go for a black guy I do prefer the thugish type. loll.

  • I LOVE ALL BLACK GUYS! Sexy as hell, and it's true that they are bigger then most white guys. If you know what I mean. Truthfully I love more sophisticated black guys. I don't always go for the thugs. But it's true that most girls tend to go for the bad boy role rather then going for the ones who you see that look and act nice. It's that way for blacks and white people. No it not a race thing it's happens with every guy.

  • Nothing against them, but that just doesn't seem to be the case for me or any of my white friends. I can only think of one who's had any kind of long-term thing with a black guy. I've actually seen it the other way more, as two of my black female friends have had relationships with white guys.

  • The title to this question is hilarious alone. I just love the men with the SWAGGER! You know? The men who love the RAP MUZIK?! Haha, Obviously I am kidding, I love both, White and Black, and Hispanic, I guess that's not both? Hopefully I don't come off as racist with my poor humor. But you are well dressed, You sexy man you. lol.

    • I'd just like to say that you are really sexy in that pic

      that is all

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  • It is the desire of rebellion rooted in people of all deeply. In earlier times, pretty white hot prototype "Mandingo" black, would sit on the porch of her staring across the field burning. Freud described based on the foundation of the idea of ??cultural and Mandingo as awareness of subtle implicit.

    I believe without exception by the universal, all white women would like to have sex of their father. This is also obvious in women you have never met his father. Also, when you say someone, and you have never met parents they, this is a lie. If the parent you do not meet was a father, a woman is made of sperm of the father in part, she says that you have never met are similar to her father to say, "I myself never met "

    So, when you crave sex father, she, and other men will start the IEGE to the wallet indirectly women. because they are taught that the gender of the parent is wrong we in hueristical society, we are pursuing the acquisition relational wrong in order to fix this. This white woman appears in the self sub-conscious like you're trying to display the visible through the action bad or negative father invisible anger.

    Are built the automatic instinct to keep the white daughter of his white ones penis other than because it penetrates sexually among white men all the father. Caucasian woman comes to Mandingo prototype, she is pursuing the **** of her father unknowingly. By accepting delivery of Mandingo meat spear, white master / father claims the power of the white master / father to take away the power of the Mandingo, unbeknownst frequently and secretly to the body that it appears she I'm looking forward to.

    Moreover, according to Freud (Samuels P.194) Interestingly, it is in the pursuit of Mandingo white **** / white submission power relationship. In pursuit of his white women, is Neguroido, seeking one of two results: finally white master appears, Man Dingo, Negroid his own father or sexual submission sexually in the pursuit, master sexual submission that you control that Neguroido man to submit a white. Negroids chase all extremes, such as power for Doxol paradigm.

    Finally, white women, is recognized as a tool by it there is a possibility that in order to find out what will leave you better sexually white master and Neguroido man is superior physically simply, plays a sexual chess You. It is only by that it is possible to achieve the ultimate realization of human / master gay and sexual satisfaction, to establish a dominant force in the arena of both. It is sad at this point that you have abandoned as a function of their Negronon to "hunt out" are obligated Caucasian woman.

    This describes the height of the recidivism rate in lesbian population. Born in 1976 exactly the pair submitted binding of male Negron and white Caucasian woman to exclude white women populaces completely because, lesbian white women, after the assumption of research and James Faulkner rise like this Pre-proof curtails that you are engaged in the lesbianism.

  • No sir. That definitely isn't the case. White girls do NOT chase after black men, but rather the other way around. Do not get these things confused.

  • ive noticed, its that fat white girls like black guys more. I'm not sure why. but that's kind of the trend I've noticed

    • must be from where I am then. I was just looking at a fat white girl holding a black guys hand the other day at my work. so I dk. its w/e must be the big d***s :D

    • really? I've noticed quite the opposite...its usually the sexiest white girls. :s

  • THe big muscles

  • Um... here's the generally accepted explanation: A successful black man will seek out a white woman over a black woman. A successful black woman will seek out a white man over a black man (although this isn't as true, it's still generally true). White women who date black men do so generally because they have not been able to find dates with white men.

    Ok, I know there are plenty of exceptions to this rule. I know many of you will be able to cite examples that are not consistent with the above explanation. The question is, though, a general one and therefore the response has to be general. So, I'm talking about the rule, not the exceptions to the rule.

    Until black males get their act together in terms on income levels, education levels, stop fathering kids then running away, stop the "cool pose" posturing, etc. I don't think too many white women are going to be thinking they are too sexy. There's a lot of articles and data about how more and more black females are starting to consider non-black males because of these statistics which are sad, but true. I know I'm not being politically correct, but at least I'm basing my post on real data and real trends.

    Lastly, if I'm a black man, I'd think twice about making a big deal about genitalia size. The biology of mammals is such that the more advanced the animal, the smaller the genital size. A horse is hung bigger than a lion; a lion's bigger than a gorilla; a gorilla's bigger than... well OK, I think you get the idea. This is why I never got why black dudes would brag about this. It's embarrassing.

  • Stereotypes and confidence. guys with confidence can get any girl, no matter his race.

  • I think we see this more often now because the media is more accepting towards black men. Case in point the president of the united states is black. Now the same can't be said about black women. Media seems to not portray them quite as nice.

  • they don't. some do I guess just like the other way around..

  • Thank you for asking so I could avoid being branded a racist for simple curiousity. Great question 5/5.

    • Looool that's cool man.

  • God knows this is the biggest can of worms! In white families it's the girls who get spoilt; in black families it seems to be the guys. This should give you a clue. I think the answer is: the white girls want to put the white guys noses out of joint and the black guys are only too happy to oblige. Both get extra kudos for 'f***ing up de white man' and they can pretend to their hearts content that this is what they are doing while they f*** each other. Very good luck to them, I say, they deserve each other. Then there's the issue of white girls who think they're black - the only thing more pathetic is white guys with the same problem. MInd you, these self-same people are usually the first to tell any black girl brave enough to date a white man she's a 'whore' or the white guy in question he's a 'trophy hunter'. Ain't multi-culturalism great?

    • Lol I haven't a clue as 2 the nature of your findings but ill tell you str8...in no black family that I no of...expecially including mine...do black males get 'spoilt' lol if by spoilt you need servere beating from a young age...then ye...extremly spoilt ....but ye....you seem 2 have a lot of unchanelled anger...u shuld right a book.

  • Its not true at all, I'm black and beautiful and its only a minority when it comes to black men dating white women. Most white women are quite frankly too afraid to date a black guy. There is a big disparity though between white women/black guy and white men/black girl. I've date women of all races and I still find it easier for a black to date a black women obviously and hispanics than to date a white or asian women. Black celebrities and athletes are getting the white women but us regular black guy are still facing a lot of hate and racism when dating a white or asian woman.

  • Ha ha ha ha. I don't know but I remember up in Utah their was on black guy at a table in a restaurant surrounded by like 5 of these blond white girls. It could just be the whole hip hop thing, I went through my "whigger" phase when I was young hip hop made black people like stars or something. Then theirs the thing with white guys chasing Asian girls that one I don't know what's going on. At least it will mix up the DNA a little and get rid of some of the cob webs, should make us healthier and more disease resistant if nothing else.

    • Lool ur an idiot....and like a true racist, which uve proved on many occasions, you've proved ur strenghts lie in your ignorance..your an actual puppet...pick up a book once in a while before you start quoting 'facts' lol they relly have you brainwashed over their in the states loool dude, I cnt even take you seriously...your simply a brain dead product of the system, go ask your own questions mr is douche, and get der f*** off my d***.

    • LOL, wow...you are one dumb ass black guy...its a fact that pretty much none of the famous scientists of mathematicians were black. none of the advances in science came from a black man. gee, why do you think that is?....so much for blacks discovering math and science lol....Im not being racists here, I'm just stating the facts...dont play the race card now!

    • And I?ll have you know to this day, engineers have no clue as to how they managed to build the pyramids...so they weren?t primitive mate....as a matter of fact, ever heard of the guy Pythagoras? After his visit to Africa, he came back to the western side with his theorem...he only forgot to add the fact that it was plagiarized. Seriously man, learn your history.

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  • Aren't black penises bigger than others?


    • I dunno...alot of chicks say I have a big one...then again others say I don?t....i call those females hoes looll

  • cuz we got big cocks! lol jk. I actually haven't noticed that trend.

  • itz just that us Brothas are fcuking awesome

  • Funny how NO ONE says white guys or ANY OTHER non-black guy are better in bed. Wonder why that is? Course it may have to do with what is said on here like:

    -Black guys are more confident

    -Black guys are more caring

    -Black guys are more assertive

    -Black guys have more muscles

    -Black skin is attractive

    -and last but not least...Black guys have bigger d***s.

    Am I wrong? Is there truth to this stereotype?

  • because its kind of like a fantasy to white girls, to date a black male who are given the stereotypical player type.

  • Whats not to like about having a big black hansome stud of a man take control of your body and make it do things you didn't know you could do? Tell me what's not to like about handling that large thick piece of black man meat and taking it into your eagerly waiting body? Seeing the contrast of black on white and the sweat that is created between the two. That's some pretty hot sh*t.

  • 3 letters B...B...C Lookitup.

    • I wish that were the truth!

  • strange to avoid anyone culture as per your own...

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