What does it mean when he said " I care a whole lot about you, you are good in bed you make me feel so good but I....

I don't think I can love anyone but I care a whole lot about you"


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    It means "I'm not ready to commit". If a guy says "I don't think I can love anyone", take it at face value and realize that he is saying that he is not ready for a serious relationship. It's great that he "care a whole lot about you" but I don't see it going further between you two.

  • trying to let you down gently

  • It means he doesn't want a relationship, he just wants to shagg. He is prepping you for it .

  • he doesn't want a relationship but still wants you to be available for sex. Don't be suprised if he starts calling only after 10 pm just to "hang out"

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