Ladies, which is sexier?

A confident balding man with a sense of humor? Or, a hot physically attractive man with no sense of humor?


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    I don't think blad guys are attractive to be honest. Unless its like a buzz cut or something and if the physically hot guy didn't have a since of humour but was down to earth and had a amazing personality then him then if not then the bald guy because I hate superficial men but id tell him to grow some hair lol

    • Your obviously a bald old man. I'm 18 and normally at my age if a guys bald its because it was his choice unless he has sort of disease so you can stfu

    • Umm ya there bald by choice idiot unless there old and IM obviously talking about guys my age I'm not gonna date a 30 or 40 year old I will date someone my age so yes they would be bald by choice. And I do have boobs you stupid f*** obviously I'm wearing a big sweater plus a jacket so it makes since why you can't see them

    • You're an idiot - you think most bald guys are bald by choice?

      That's like telling you to grow some boobs lol :P

  • I'm not attracted to bald men. But sense of humour trumps all.

  • As long as it's quality humour and he has a good intellect, balding + humour hands down.

  • Sense of humor will ALWAYS win for me. I can't stand those people who never find anything funny, who never laugh, who constantly take life seriously. It's annoying and I often refer to them as snobs.

    Give me the funny man, no doubt!

  • Balding guy =/= attractive? :/

  • Sexier? Hot guy.

    Better relationship material? Most enjoyable to be around? Balding guy.

  • bald guy.

    • Smart girl :P

  • A confident balding man with a sense of humor. Like Danny Devito? Or a hot physically attractive man with with no sense of humor. Like Jason Statham? Danny Devito or Jason Statham? I wonder which one girls are going to go for?

    • I was thinking more of Evan Handler for the bald guy and Joe Manganiello for the serious guy.