I still enjoy watching childhood movies, girls is this a turn-off?

I'm 24 and I still enjoy watching kids movies that I used to watch when I was a child. I guess you could say I'm still a child at heart. Disney and pixar movies, just to name a few, are my personal favourites. Except when I watch them these days I actually understand what is going on and they have more meaning to them. Girls, would you be turned off if a guy you liked was still interested in watching kids movies?


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    Thats awesome. I love watching good kids movies, so its nice to watch them together. My boyfriend has most of the pixar and Miyazaki movies, and some of the disney movies as well, so when we feel like watching something fun and lighthearted we can watch those together. He also has dragonball z, pokemon, and digimon but we don't watch those.

  • Not at all! =) I love those movies

  • No that is awesome! I love kids movies, even my favorite when I was kid Alvin and the chipmunk adventures.

  • If anything, it would be a turn-on for me. It's nice to know that some guys out there can still be simple, lighthearted and fun. But there's still a time to be serious, too.

  • no ! I love Disney movies ! and you're right, we do understand what's going on better than before because we're older and have the ability to understand it ! My personal favorite is the little mermaid... I was named after Ariel !

  • No, I love the child in me too. I still watch cartoons and disney movies. To me it is definitely not a turn off. I think its rather cute :) Don't lose the child in you!

  • Nope, not a turn-off. A while ago my boyfriend and I found out that we loved the same movies as a kid and got really excited about watching them together after years and years.

  • No way! I love watching animated movies, so all the better if the guy loves em too.

  • Turn ON! :D

  • So cute! As long as everything else it manly enough that makes up for the inner child in you and you don't have like lion king wallpaper... then its so cute :) Almost like the older generation who still like to watch old black and white films, which I do actually like, but for them its almost the same scenario in a weird way? :) Hope this helps, its deffo cute though!

  • Nope! I love watching Disney films! :D

  • Are you kidding? I couldn't date anyone who didn't appreciate animated movies. On the other hand, I wouldn't consider anyone who liked the live-action Transformers films. Those are much more puerile and brainless than Wall-e or Iron Giant.

  • No, that's really cute! If you cried in some of the movies that weren't that sad or anything then yeah that might be a turn off...but other than that it's kind of cute that you still watch those movies. You just need a girlfriend that loves those movies too so you can watch them together and then it's perfect! :D I'm sure there a ton of girls out there your age who would love to do that.

  • Yes honestly, that would be a major turn off.

  • Nah, my boyfriend and I watch kids movies often. It's fun to have the old memories come back!

  • Come on maaan, it's all good.

  • I went to the theater to see Monsters Inc... I'm 20 .lol

  • I would totally watch kid movies with a guy! So cute!

  • Nope...love Disney movies and what not myself. I like watching these movies with guys anyways :) Aladdin is my fave haha

  • Your definitely not alone and this would be a major turn on if I would out a guy my age still watched animated/kids movies! And besides if your concerned about it, don't be because the right girl will love you just the way you are... not some girl who thinks that a man shouldn't be soft at heart :)

  • me tooo! you're not alone.

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  • Disney and Pixar movies are great

  • guys are only supposed to watch p*rn, gory snuff videos online, and action/gangster movies. not kids stuff!


    if a girl gets turned off because you like watch childhood movies then she isn't the one for you. I'm turning 26 years old and I still like to watch arthur, and I watch fresh beat band with my little nieces (cuz kiki is hot), and I like to watch old pbs programs I used to watch like shining time station, ghostwriter, reading rainbow, mr rogers, etc.

  • As long as it isn't Barney or Teletubbies I think you're ok.

  • Lota girls like disney movies still, just don't act like a little kid.

  • I think as long as you are not stuck with Barney and Bob the Builder, they should be ok.

  • I grew up on Disney movies, its part of my childhood. Still love watching them and thinking back of all the memories!

  • Personally, I still watch Disney movies (actually have all of them) and other childhood movies. I love them. I'd rather search continuously for a girl who liked that than change it. ...That being said, I've never met a girl who didn't like it (so long as you don't act like a child and have your life together).

  • I always go see disney movies with girls, they like it. I'm not going to see a animated movie with my mates...