What new music are you listening to lately?

What new music do you love? I'm on the lookout for some new music, so I'm curious as to what people are downloading and listening to!


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    I can almost guarantee that this won't be up your alley (or anyone's, for that matter), but this has been my song of the day that I've absolutely killed


    this was just released a few days ago


    and this... I also killed this today


    the part after 3:35... ohhhhhhlawdy

    the part after 4:45... OHHMAAAGOOOOOOOD

  • Bieber

  • Justin timberlake

  • I like Bruno marz, and pink all of it. Blurred lines. Some of aviici's new stuff.

  • 90s and 2000s

  • Underground house

  • Nirvana

  • House

  • I like grave digger and Tyr and Endstille. Most folk metal music.

  • Well dubstep is just awesome! I am a recent fan of a band called Passion Pit. I love Dada Life, Knife Party, Swedish House Mafia, Calvin Harris, and many many more!

  • I am into marina and the diamonds! She has such a good voice and she is super hot!

  • Japanese boy bands.

    I don't know what I've become...

  • The Weeknd

    No Doubt

  • Lostprophets are pretty good lately :D

  • well, I listen to rap and r&b, I def. say check out Left with Memories by Jay Fluent, YouTube is good for underground music.

    -love Sosa

  • Dead Bite, We Are, and Up in Smoke from Hollywood Undead as well as Radioactive by Imagine Dragons.

  • sound of my snores when I'm sleeping lol

    but...its the same old mixed music on my laptop caus lime wire is no longer free. ;(

  • Mostly Adele and Luke Bryan. I have been obsessed lately.

  • Red Hot Chilly Peppers

    Bob Marley

    Florence and the Machine

    Vampire Weekend


    Mumford & Son



    Ed Sheron , when I'm feel real girly.

    and a lot of old school alternative and rock.

    • mgmt rocks, as do a few others of those

  • I like this question, I leave it up to the radio stations to feed me new music so it's the mainstream stuff I end up hearing mostly.

  • I've been listening to Brand New a lot lately. They're not really "new" music, but they're new to me, since I've never really paid a lot of attention to them before.

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  • indie, classic alt and new wave, chill/downtempo electronica, vintage soul. you name it. I'm eclectic.

  • Till I Collapse..while I was working out

  • If you want some good new Folk/Indie stuff: Lost in the Trees


    If you want something similar, but more ambient, and foreign: Sigur Ros


    If you like Dubstep, Industrial and other hardcore electronica, Noisia:


    If you like Gorillaz and more ambient stuff, you might like trip-hop like Massive Attack:



    These are the main bands I've been listening to lately.

  • i've been into BOB lately and kendrick lamar. but I'm always on a look out for new music from Wale and Lupe fiasco