Why do so many people make fun of my accent?

I'm Filipina, grew up in Singapore speaking mostly Chinesee. My English is getting pretty good now, but so many people think I'm dumb because I have an accent.

This is a nation of immigrants, the US, and nearly everyone had parents or maybe grandparents who also had an accent when speaking English.. or maybe a great grandparent!

Why are they so intolerant of people with accents? I'm very pretty but a lot of guys will have nothing to do with me after they hear my accent.


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  • i learned this in sociology! its called cultural shock and culture competition! You feel pride in your culture and skin color and look down upon others...which is really common in America. People just feel threatened and feel better when they make fun of your accent. It sucks, but its common.There's a lot of competition and not necessarily racism between cultures, for example the italians think theyre the richest and the smartest and the best with the best food, versus the french who have the fashion, beauty, makeup, etc...its about pride in your culture, that people can't help..

    it is wrong and totally bites...you just have to ignore it and not let it get to you...you will find a guy because everyone has someone made for them =]


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  • Don't worry about those things! In Singapore, you probably came across the natives, right? What did you think of them? What I am trying to say is, that this is life. Prejudice, bias, or whatever you want to call it exist everywhere. The thing is, people are people. Chinese, Singaporean, American, Russian, you name it, they are, in essence, are not too different. Some may think your accent sounds stupid, some may not. What do you care? You are what you are! I have a berry berry dhik Indian accent and some peopllle(d) madde fun(d) of me but(ddddd) I dddon't give a shiddd!


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  • I'm Filipino also and I came to the US when I was 7. I used to have an accent and what bothered me was that my family friends would make fun of me and repeat almost everything that sounded "funny" to them. I was really embarrassed and it made me self-conscious. Over time, I didn't worry about it anymore. Sometimes, I would even say tell them: stop repeating what I say, it's not funny! Don't worry about those people because there's others out there that think your accent is cute. If someone does try to make fun of your accent, don't ignore them, tell them off!

    • Yes, it always makes me angry. I think I have to learn to control that. Some people are like children, and if they know they can make yuo angry, they will repeat and repeat just so they can have fun.

  • People make fun of your accent because they are stupid! My mom is foriegn and she has really good english. She has been in america for over 30 years but there are still people who laugh when she talks. Funny enough when she first got here she was in an english(grammer) class and all the people inthe class made fun of her and how she talked but she ended up getting the best grade in the class.

    The people who make fun of your accent are the real stupid ones and I the guys who leave you for your accent aren't good enough for you.

    • Thanks you very much!

  • I have an Irish accent my self and people made fun of me too and I told them" you know your Canadian accents make you sound strange too" and if that won't work just tell an adult or somone, but don't worry my BFF has a engish accent and she is the most popular girl in school LUCK CAN COME :D hope I helped