Why have I never been asked out?

I'm 21 and have never been asked out. I used to be very confident but I'm not at all anymore. I'm smart, go to uni and actively participate in... Show More

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  • A difficult one, this question.

    You don't tell us where you're from but your reference to culture ("In my culture its also the norm to get married young", "people who just get married to someone they have met through their parents") would lead me to think it's one where girls don't have that much liberties (I can be wrong there) and where people who see a guy and girl doing more than just talking expect marriage and ruin the girls reputation if it doesn't follow.

    Of course this means that serious guys (the ones you're interested in probably) will only ask a girl out when they're prepared to engage themselves towards her and her family. And if she belongs to a group considered "good" by their family.

    In clear: to choose themselves a partner, a girl or girl will have to get beyond social rules and tradition, which will create a conflict. And they will have to show to potential partners that they're ready to transgress the rules of their society.

    IDK how thinkable/feasible it's in your country and family. Difficult to guess on the elements you mention: Morocco, India, Saudi Arabia, Egypt, Mexico, IDK?

    It might not be feasible in the families of the guys you've an eye upon, or they don't want trouble with your family: look elsewhere maybe, other less traditional guys? Or show more clearly you're not "traditional" be more flirty or daring than your father would approve.

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