Do guys like girls who spoil them?

wen I have a man I spoil the sh*t outta them. any way I can I buy things 4 them I cook I rub their back...i got in a fight with my ex once because he said I didn't get mad enough...idk. but yeah, do guys like to be treated like a king?


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  • i think your ex was trying to say that you may have passive tendencies and let people push you around. some guys will test your boundaries - they want to see what kind of girl you are. are you mean and inconsiderate (this is unpleasant of course)? are you nice but still respect yourself (this will command respect from others)? or do you go out of your way to serve him (this will place him on a pedestal and place you below him causing people to lose respect)?

    and when you do decide to cater to your man, remember it shouldnt be you doing most of the catering. its a 2 way street, he should be spoiling you also and making you feel just as good!

    everyone likes a considerate partner that makes them feel good, but ask yourself if you are overcompensating for something? you don't have to spend all your money on a guy or every time you leave the house you come back to him with a gift and cook for him all the time. these are all nice things to do in a relationship but you don't want to establish a pattern of it either.

    treat him like a king only after you know he's worthy!


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  • y yes!..yes we do. it never expected but its very nice to treated lika king lol my girl does tht, spoils the hell outta me by doing anything I ask or evn suggest. sumtimes she evn surprises me. the feeling us men get wen our gf's go above and beyond for us is the same feeling girls get wen you kno your appreciated by your man and yu kno we'd do the same for you.

  • thats great but guys can get used to it

    and then there prob wil be days when ur just tired and don't want to cook for them and then

    they will get mad cause they are used to it but I would say just take it in moderation

    dont go too overboard


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  • Most guys dig that. But, its important he does those things, too. Guys should spoil their girls every once in a while, it's chivalrous and important that both sides are pretty even for a healthy relationship. And, if you do it often, he may think he can get what he wants, and take advantage of you. Not necessarily by sexual means, but to con you into buying him things, doing things for him. You don't want him to go lazy on you (in terms of actually being lazy, and lazy with the relationship-- like doing cute, romantic things)!

  • I do the same thing for my b/f, I spoil him by cooking dinner all the time, massages, help him with things... he does do it back, some. SO I wonder the same as you... if guys like being spoiled. I know my boyfriend does