Is it legal to be naked in your own home?

A man was recently convicted of this. link

Anyway, here is the poll: Is someone naked in their own home near a window exposing themselves? Or is someone passing by who looks a peeping tom?

  • Vote A The naked person is exposing themselves.
  • Vote B The passerby is a peeping tom
  • Vote C Whoever the man is, he's the one committing the crime. Especially if it's an older man, we know they are all perverts anyway.
For people too lazy to click on the link, in this case, the man was naked in his own home. It was a mother and child who walked by and saw him.

Most Helpful Guy

  • i have a feeling that if it were a woman who was naked in her own home and there was a man who saw her and complained, people would be more likely to label him a peeping tom than to label her a pervert.

    • Finally, someone gets it.