Why are Hispanic guys so controlling and possessive of their woman?

You tend to hear that Hispanic guys from Mexico are more controlling and possessive of their women but why is this? Examples, please? Thanks! I'm not racist at all. But I just want to know why?


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  • Usually the guy is dominant in a relationship, unless you get a pussy. If they are more hyper about control get used to it he won't change might get worse, you belong to him, his property etc old fashioned way of looking at realtionships, love honor and obey...


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  • It depends on the culture you were brought up in... unless you're one of those rare people who don't follow the crowd...

  • women in their culture are taught to cook, take care of their children, and obey their husband. However in our culture girls cheat like if its a video game.


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  • because that's they way they were raised..their women are taught to cook, clean, take care of their men's needs and they'd be damned if any man tried to take their woman! I would know I'm hispanic...this is why I'm in no way shape or form intrested in mexican guys myself

    • Am currently engaged/living w/a hispanic guy.Have a great relationship part from him being very posessive and controlling of me.I have rules.I have to get permission to do things.Only have an hour max to go to store & be back home.Wont let me wear my hair down for fear that I might attract another guy.I don't mind cook,clean,etc.he said he's in charge of how many kids we will have.Do you think that after our first he will let me go on birth control?These are just a few things.ran out of room 2type

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    • Thanks for your comments! I want to ask you something but please don't think that I'm crazy! do you think that maybe after we are married, he will think "oh, well we're married now, so maybe I won't be so possessive and controlling of her." Do you think he will get less controlling and possessive of me, that is if you think the stuff that I've told you that he's controlling and possessive of me? What do you think?

    • No, once you're married it will get even worse! why are you settling for that?