A Woman and her "Intuition"

They say a woman knows things because of her "womans' intuition". If they do "know" things, why do they have such a hard time figuring guys out?


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  • its sorta like saying moms know everything...which my mom almost always knows everything and anything about me or things that go on in my home/family without anyone telling her. My friends are the same way with their moms too. Moms know when their baby is hungry or tired or has to poop etc, they just know everything about their kids. I think women have more ability to recognize emotions/facial gestures and just know when something is wrong or right because they're emotional people themselves, they like to put patterns together and make charts of everything to figure things out. Men on the other hand are less emotional and are good at hiding emotions, and are more straight forward and simple, like to get the job done easily and just get their point across. Women are more complex than that, and I even read an article once in the new york times, where studies show that women can multitask (not just doing things/actions, but thinking about other things like 4 at a time, what her kids are up to, what she's gonna cook for dinner tonight, what her boyfriend/husband is doing how is he, about her past and memories, what she desires in life, etc) multitasking, more than men, because they think, feel, and do at the same time using logic and heart...its wierd...as opposed to men who like to focus at one thing at a time and stay away from emotions, and just like to use their brain for everything. So may be this is all why women have that 'intuition' its the ability to form patterns, read gestures, be a genius in emotions, and just reveal that 'mom' inside of us...


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  • I certainly feel like I have a degree of intuition about things - for example, if a guy likes me, I'll generally be able to tell even if I don't see much of him, and I'll stay far away from people I get bad vibes from. The problem is that I can't tell why things are happening, just that they are. A lot of women (and men, as evidenced from this site) will want to know exactly what the other person is thinking and what their intentions are, but you really can't judge that except by talking to the person and hoping they're honest with you.

    • I agree. you can feel a lot of things but it doesn't come with instructions :)

  • Because some guys are way too confusing. It might seem that teasing, flirting, slight touching, smiling, would be signs from a guy who likes a girl. I used to think so too, and fell for a guy who did this to me. But he does not see me anymore as a friend. Maybe I am just unlucky and always meeting the wrong kind of guys. But that being the case, I have decided that I won't draw conclusions unless he actually say that he likes me, because there is just no point trying to figuring him out and then getting it wrong.

  • Women don't listen to their gut instinct (intuition) because we're far more emotional than guys, so we tend to let emotions cloud judgment.

    Example - when a relationship ends, girls act bewildered about it. There were red flags all along. Hell, you see red flags in situations girls here talk about all the time.

    They don't pay attention to them because, a) media and things like women's magazines have perpetuated this myth that there's more reasons behind why a guy behaves like a douche, when in reality, he's a douche. But hey, the magazine must be right, so they put up with more of this behavior than they should.

    b) they see the red flags but want things to work out and just deal because they think if they stick around, things will change. It's the emotional side kicking in. But emotions make everyone do stupid things, really.

    So instead of listening to media/magazines/whoever and their misguided bs about how men really work, women should really listen to their gut instinct, aka intuition. Majority of the time, it's right.

  • No guy is the same.

    Same thing with women.

    If you try to use one simple method on every girl it won't work every time unless your going after the same type of women.

    if you master one man and then go to the next you still won't know sh*t about him. unless its sex...thaaaaats not as tricky.

  • lol, good question. maybe women just pay more attention which in small doses lends the feeling of a gift but in excess is bewildering.

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  • Women are very intuitive because it is driven by their emotions. Acting on emotions is trouble and girls know this, well most do anyways ;).

    Some "trust their gut" and some just let it ride, it's a gamble for them. On one hand they think they should act on it so they don't come off as a push over. Yet they don't want to come off as a crazy girl, and go off of their gut with no real proof of what they think is true.

  • "Woman's intuition" is BS.

    Women in general just have better social skills, that's all.

  • "Women's intuition" is pure presumption by a woman combined with the cultural belief that women are wiser than men.

  • personally I think that the two genders are so alike and when were with someone we see jsut how a like we are and if we don't like what we see we just throw crap on the other sex to make ourselves feel better because that the only way we can get a sense of individuality, its kinda lame I think

  • "women's intuition" is one of the biggest bull sh*t I have ever heard...

    Did you know actually studies have proved men are actually better at catching a cheat than women...

    However woman are better at hiding it though ie doesn't come home smelling of women's perfume..

    However women are way wayy better at dealing with social situations than men i.e man mostly talk on a superficial level whereas women talk on a deeper level.

    • Co-sign on this as a huge load-chicks are as superficial as men without a doubt.

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