A Woman and her "Intuition"

They say a woman knows things because of her "womans' intuition". If they do "know" things, why do they have such a hard time figuring guys out?


Most Helpful Girl

  • its sorta like saying moms know everything...which my mom almost always knows everything and anything about me or things that go on in my home/family without anyone telling her. My friends are the same way with their moms too. Moms know when their baby is hungry or tired or has to poop etc, they just know everything about their kids. I think women have more ability to recognize emotions/facial gestures and just know when something is wrong or right because they're emotional people themselves, they like to put patterns together and make charts of everything to figure things out. Men on the other hand are less emotional and are good at hiding emotions, and are more straight forward and simple, like to get the job done easily and just get their point across. Women are more complex than that, and I even read an article once in the new york times, where studies show that women can multitask (not just doing things/actions, but thinking about other things like 4 at a time, what her kids are up to, what she's gonna cook for dinner tonight, what her boyfriend/husband is doing how is he, about her past and memories, what she desires in life, etc) multitasking, more than men, because they think, feel, and do at the same time using logic and heart...its wierd...as opposed to men who like to focus at one thing at a time and stay away from emotions, and just like to use their brain for everything. So may be this is all why women have that 'intuition' its the ability to form patterns, read gestures, be a genius in emotions, and just reveal that 'mom' inside of us...