Do all girls love getting presents?

Do all girls love getting presents from their boyfriend or even a guy friend for their b day or x mas? I imagine surprise presents are more fun and getting them on your birthday right? And do girls often analyze a gift such as well he must like me, really like me, or even love me depending on the gift and especially if it came from a guy friend and a non boyfriend? Favorite type of presents that all girls luv?


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  • my favorite type of presents are ones that are really thoughtful, and that depends on the person and the things they like that would make a present thoughtful. Like for my friend when he graduated college, there was a picture of an eagle in the diner he always went to and he really wanted it. So I took a picture of it, printed it out and framed it for him, and believe me, he loved it. That's what I would consider a thoughtful gift, but again that's a personal preference, some girls like gifts that cost more than mean more


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  • I love getting presents from my boyfriend. It's even more special when it's not on Christmas or my birthday, because then it's not just for the occasion. It lets me know he thought of me, and it's a really nice surprise. I don't really analyze any gifts I get from my boyfriend, but I would sometimes analyze gifts I got from guy friends before I started dating my boyfriend. The more thoughtful or expensive the gift is, the more chance there is that the guy likes you, generally. Or at least that's usually how most girls think. Most girls tend to like jewelry of course, and I like that as well, but personally it's the little, thoughtful presents that I really love. Just getting a single rose would make me happy; the present definitely doesn't have to be expensive. Really it depends on the girl though, but you usually can't go wrong with jewelry or flowers or chocolate.

  • i like getting small gifts...when you say presents I think of holidays and birthdays

    i like small thoughtful gifts that's like oh I thought of you or oh I remembered that you liked this

    and I would only think the guy likes me if the present is like a ring or over 100$ or its on valentines day haha


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