Do all girls love getting presents?

Do all girls love getting presents from their boyfriend or even a guy friend for their b day or x mas? I imagine surprise presents are more fun and getting them on your birthday right? And do girls often analyze a gift such as well he must like me, really like me, or even love me depending on the gift and especially if it came from a guy friend and a non boyfriend? Favorite type of presents that all girls luv?


Most Helpful Girl

  • my favorite type of presents are ones that are really thoughtful, and that depends on the person and the things they like that would make a present thoughtful. Like for my friend when he graduated college, there was a picture of an eagle in the diner he always went to and he really wanted it. So I took a picture of it, printed it out and framed it for him, and believe me, he loved it. That's what I would consider a thoughtful gift, but again that's a personal preference, some girls like gifts that cost more than mean more