How to tell when a guy is annoyed by you?

How can I tell when a guy is annoyed by me? I can usually tell with girls but with guys, they act like they're cool with you but are really annoyed. How can I tell if this guy is annoyed with me?


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  • If a guy is annoyed by you he will try to avoid you. It's as simple as that. I'm not sure why the other guy that answered tried to make it so complicated lol. If a girl annoys me my responses when she talks to me will be as few words as possible and I will leave her presence ASAP.


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  • If your physically good looking and not a total bitch or acting completely bitchy, then he's not annoyed by you.

    Its really as simple as that.

    • I am and I'm pretty nice. I gave him like free food and I don't get what the problem is. He avoids me like a plague so I'm guessing he's annoyed.

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    • K you totally lost me. So he's avoiding me because he likes me? Or because he hates me? And am I supposed to hit on him to make him like me? I don't want any lovey feelings b/t us, at least not with the roommate. I just want to be friends with him but he seems annoyed with me. You so lost me....

    • Well if you just want to be friends with him, then forget about it. Act casual and then you should be fine. If you really act casual he shouldn't be annoyed.

  • They'll act serious with you and won't be so talktative. Sometimes they'll even pretend to be busy with something to get you to stop talking to them.

    But here's a tip for you - if you don't think you have done anything wrong or annoying to the guy, and he still keeps on being like this, don't keep on trying. Give up and move out. Some guys aren't worth your time, and there's no point in trying way too hard to getting ONE guy to like you, if he doesn't seem to be into you.

  • Body Language, if they turn away, don't look at you when they answer, seem disinterested, then they just don't care. At this point, move on.

  • What makes you think he might be?


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