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What does a Canadian accent sound like??

I'm just wondering what a Canadian Accent may sound like to a person that's not Canadian... Is it Sexy,weird,comical etc...

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  • The English Canadian is fairly neutral accent-wise, with some odd intonations.

    The French Canadian is bastardized and hard to listen to. The French speakers are great people, but they need to learn the language more.

What Guys Said 8

  • watch a few episodes of Degrassi and you'll get a grasp of it.

  • I'm on ventrillo with 3 Canadians at this moment, they are from Ontario. They just sort of sound normal, no real accent, they don't say ey, like people think...least these 3 do not. They do like jokes I'll admit that

  • I'm Canadian but I immigrated here 3-4 years ago... So I have no noticeable accent... the only thing that I remember about Canadian accent is that we say Eh? a lot :P

  • I find the Canadian accent sexy. [this coming from a former midwestern American guy with no distinguishable accent :) ]

  • It's like a United States accent with a few "eh"s thrown in.

  • Eyyyyyyyyyyyyy

  • its sounds just like american to me =P

What Girls Said 6

  • they say ehhh alot

  • I was told my accent has a "sing-song" tone. I don't know what that means.

    I'm on the west coast though. Accents vary widely all around Canada. The most similar accent to ours are the ones in Washington.

    • I live on the West coast too! XD


  • There isn't too much difference actually. Just the little things, like when they say about, it might sound like a boat. They might say aye or Eh a lot too. I am not sure if I am getting this mixed up with something else but I think they might say Pop instead of soda. But I could be wrong.

    • Yeah we say that. =P hehe

  • I've never noticed a canadian accent

  • It's kind of like australian but worse.

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