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What does a Canadian accent sound like??

I'm just wondering what a Canadian Accent may sound like to a person that's not Canadian... Is it Sexy,weird,comical etc...

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  • The English Canadian is fairly neutral accent-wise, with some odd intonations.The French Canadian is bastardized and hard to listen to. The French speakers are great people, but they need to learn the language more.

What Guys Said 8

  • watch a few episodes of Degrassi and you'll get a grasp of it.

  • I'm on ventrillo with 3 Canadians at this moment, they are from Ontario. They just sort of sound normal, no real accent, they don't say ey, like people think...least these 3 do not. They do like jokes I'll admit that

  • I'm Canadian but I immigrated here 3-4 years ago... So I have no noticeable accent... the only thing that I remember about Canadian accent is that we say Eh? a lot :P

  • I find the Canadian accent sexy. [this coming from a former midwestern American guy with no distinguishable accent :) ]

  • It's like a United States accent with a few "eh"s thrown in.

  • Eyyyyyyyyyyyyy

  • its sounds just like american to me =P

What Girls Said 6

  • they say ehhh alot

  • I was told my accent has a "sing-song" tone. I don't know what that means.I'm on the west coast though. Accents vary widely all around Canada. The most similar accent to ours are the ones in Washington.

    • I live on the West coast too! XD

  • There isn't too much difference actually. Just the little things, like when they say about, it might sound like a boat. They might say aye or Eh a lot too. I am not sure if I am getting this mixed up with something else but I think they might say Pop instead of soda. But I could be wrong.

    • Yeah we say that. =P hehe


  • I've never noticed a canadian accent

  • It's kind of like australian but worse.