Is it dumb to get my boyfriend a teddy bear?

For his birthday? We've been together for a year and 6 months. He's gotten me several stuffed animals for different occasions. I have no idea what to get him for his birthday so I was thinking maybe a cute Teddy bear and maybe a few other things. But I was just wondering, is that stupid? Like I know most girls like getting stuffed animals from their boyfriends but is it weird for a girl to give their boyfriend a stuffed animal? Lol I don't want him to be weirded out by that.

Most Helpful Girl

  • NO don't get him a stuff animal that is a really crappy gift, even I hate stuff animals seriously if someone gave my that id be some damn p*ss like what the hell would I be doing with a stuff animal? use it for decorations GOSH! lol but yea\..get him something he will like maybe cologne

    • Lol okay I won't get him that but the thing is, I'm on a low budget. So I need it to be kind of inexpensive but still a good gift.

    • Take a bunch of pictures of him or whatever pics you guys have together and make a scrapbook, it shows you put a lot of thought and effort into it

    • Good idea, thanks:)