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Do white guys like Latinas?

I was just wondering if white guys are into Latinas. If so what do you like about them? I know each guy has different tastes but if you are attracted... Show More

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  • Oh man, I looooooove Latinas! Of course there are always exceptions, but generally they have a very nice skin tone, gorgeous bodies, pretty faces, and sexy accents (unless they are American or American-ized). My step-sister's ex husband is from Mexico and I met one or two or his sisters (I didn't know if they were his sisters or not lol). I didn't really "meet" them, only encountered them since they didn't speak English. But just the way they act, and how my step sister described their culture, the women get along with their men well, support them and all that. But they also don't lay down and get walked on either. They stand up for themselves and are very strong women if they need to be. So yeah, easy to get along with but tough girls if you p*ss them off.

What Guys Said 7

  • I like Latinas. Things I like about them are: they generally are the sexiest women out there and have the body type I like (shorter with wide hips and big boobs), they are hedonistic, passionate, and tough, and they are normally family-orientated.

  • I'm a White guy and I'm presently wooing a Latina girl. What attracts me to her is her light olive pigment, her mid-back length jet black straight hair, her wide mouth, her striking brown eyes, her beautiful smile and how she makes me feel when I'm around her.

  • Im attracted to certain types of Latinas

  • Latinas are the only ones I go after. Having been with some sexy, passionate Latinas, I can't go back to the plainness of white girls

  • Being a white guy I am going to say I do like them so do many of my friends. What I like about them is they are some what exotic even if they group up here they have there own culture but are not awkward in the north American culture. I hate generalizations but I find a lot of them to be vary sexy, appearance wise and how they carry themselves. This one is a double edge sword that can be taken to far at times, the attitude these girls often have is magnetic they know what they want and are not afraid to ask or tell you. If the carry it to far though getting in your face in public or other girls because they are just talking to you.

  • i think latinas are the sexiest girls. I love how their naturally tan and have dark straight hair. they are also very fun and friendly. to me the also just project sexiness. their exotic and I want a latina in my life lol

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  • I am a latina. I have found that white guys (like all men) find curves very attractive. Of course this goes hand in hand with how you take care of yourself. I prefer blond hair, blue eyes in men because it is so different but attractive to me. & many times white men will feel the exact same way.

    Although the attraction may be there, it can still be difficult to date outside of your own race.

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