What did you do for your 20th birthday?

Today I turn 20, and I am no longer a teen but I still can't drink. I am spending my birthday with friends and family and I got tickets for a concert I really wanted to go in the next week. So I think my birthday will be pretty good. What did you do for your 20th birthday? Tell your stories =D


Most Helpful Girl

  • Happy Birthday! I turned 20 on Jan 8th so mine was recent too :)

    for my 20th I had a disney princess/ pink & purple themed party. The drinking age here is 18, so we got good and liquored. It was a blast! All my friends & my boyfriend slept over after (no drinking and driving!) so in the morning we hung out and made breakfast and watched a movie. After they left I spent time with my family & boyfriend and had a family birthday supper with my favorite meal as well as a Disney princess chocolate cake!